Mediterranean Awards

In 1996, the Fondazione Mediterraneo instituted the Mediterranean Awards (with various categories) that are granted every year to eminent personalities from the worlds of arts and culture, politics and science and social disciplines, whose actions have contributed to reducing tensions, breaking down cultural barriers and developing shared values in the Greater Mediterranean.

This Award is considered one of the most prestigious acknowledgements in the world.

Various events are associated with the Mediterranean Award, such as the “Euro-Mediterranean Concert for Dialogue Among Cultures” and the “Epiphany Concert” (organized by the Cultural Centre “Oltre il Chiostro” in collaboration with the Fondazione Mediterraneo. The latter event is broadcast by RaiUno and Rai International throughout the world every year on the morning of January 6th).



Alpe Adria Cinema renews the annual appointment with the cinema from Central and Eastern Europe: the 17^ edition of Trieste Film Festival, which took place from 19th to 26th January 2006 (Cinema Excelsior of Trieste, Teatro Miela ecc.), 8 days of films running, explored the cinema of a great geographic area which goes from Central Europe to the Asiatic Republics.

Also for this 17th Edition the Fondazione Mediterraneo has collaborated with Alpe Adria Cinema – Triestefilmfestival conferring the International Award Laboratorio Mediterraneo 2006 to the best short film "Slavek The Shit" by Grimur Hakonarson, Iceland - Czech Republic - Estonia 2005.

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On Saturday 21st January, the Fondazione Mediterraneo awarded the Neapolitan master Rino Volpe the "Mediterranean Award Art and Creativity" 2006, during the ceremony held in the Vesuvio Room of the Maison de la Méditerranée, in the presence of many representative of the Mediterranean Countries, members of the BJCEM General Assembly.

The prize was awarded by Hon. Claudio Azzolini. The award was realized with the support of the book-publisher Ottavio Fabbri.

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During the 11th annual Concerto dell’Epifania (Epiphany Concert), held this year in the Città della Scienza on January 4th, the Fondazione Mediterraneo awarded Dee Dee Bridgewater the Mediterranean Award  Art and Creativity 2006.

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During the 11th annual Concerto dell’Epifania (Epiphany Concert), held this year in the Città della Scienza on January 4th, the Fondazione Mediterraneo awarded Cheb Khaled the Mediterranean Award Art and Creativity 2006.

The singer expressed his deep appreciation of this award and his admiration for the activities undertaken to further peace, particularly in his native country of Algeria.

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On 19 December in the Maison de la Méditerranée the award ceremony for the Mediterranean Prize for Art and Handicraft 2005 took place in the presence of President of the Region of Campania and of the Maison de la Méditerranée Antonio Bassolino, President of the Fondazione Mediterraneo Michele Capasso, Vice-President of the Fondazione Mediterraneo Caterina Arcidiacono and Vice-President of the Council of Europe Hon. Claudio Azzolini.

The award was presented by Italian Vice-President of the Council and Minister of Foreign Affairs Gianfranco Fini.

This award underlines the importance of Ferrigno’s works in preserving and diffusing the traditional Neapolitan craft of hand-made nativity scenes.

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On January 6th 2003 was held, at the Royal Palace of Naples, the Ceremony for the Mediterranean Award Special Edition 2005 to the algerian singer Hasna El Becharia, in the presence of the President of Regione Campania and of Maison de la Méditerranée Mr. Antonio Bassolino, of the President of the Fondazione Laboratorio Mediterraneo, Mr Michele Capasso; of the Foundation’s Vice President, Mrs Caterina Arcidiacono and of the vice-president of the Council of Eurome, Mr. Claudio Azzolini.

The “Mediterranean Award for Art and Craetivity” is meant to acknowledge the work of the writer and scriptwriter, in the service of knowledge and of the dialogue among Mediterranean cultures.

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The Awarding Ceremony of Mediterranean Award "Medal of Honour" 2005 took place at the Maison de la Méditerranée, and it was delivered to the Association of Architects in Naples. The award was bestowed to the President Paolo Pisciotta.

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A Prize to the two Presidents, in acknowledgement of an essential action for the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership
The President of the European Parliament Pat Cox and the President of Moroccan Parliament Abdelwahd Radi have been the author of a careful and patient work which has led to the institution of the Euro-Mediterranean Parliamentary Assembly. In fact., on December 2nd 2003, the Forum instituted after Barcelona Process was transformed into this Assembly.

In acknowledgement of an essential action carried out for the democratic development in the Euro-Mediterranean area, the Ad Hoc Commission of the Accademia del Mediterraneo awarded the Mediterranean Institutions Award 2003 to Presidents Cox and Radi. The solemn ceremony took place in Athens on March 23rd 2004, at the end of the first Euro-Mediterranean Parliamentary Assembly. The newly-elected President of the Assembly, the Egyptian Fathi Sorour, thanked President Capasso for the high acknowledgement and emphasized the essential role played by the Fondazione Laboratorio Mediterraneo for the dialogue between cultures and societies in the Euro-Mediterranean area. 

The event is part of the planned activities for the 10th Year Anniversary of Fondazione Laboratorio Mediterraneo.

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