Maison de la Paix || Casa Universale delle Culture (EN)


The Maison de la Paix - Casa Universale delle Culture is a place strongly representative, in which will convey the knowledge of the different identities and cultures, structuring permanently initiatives aimed at the spreading of peace, necessary for the shared development.

The Maison de la Paix - Casa Universale delle Culture (MdP) is a project conceived by Michele Capasso, approved by many Countries and international organizations. It is an architecture that keeps the memory of many Peace activities which created history, often more than the wars, but it is – above all – a space "to build” Peace.

The architectonical complex has an important symbolic worth: it represents the Countries of the World engaged in the Peace process and the Countries victim of the conflicts.

Proposed by the Fondazione Mediterraneo with the Maison des Alliances – together with the main adherent organizations, such as the Mediterranean Parliamentary Assembly, the League of Arab States, the "Anna Lindh" Euro-Mediterranean Foundation and others, the MdP represents a referent point for all the ones who dedicate their lives to peace.

The symbol of the MdP is the "Totem for Peace", an artwork by the Italian sculptor Mario Molinari which the Fondazione Mediterraneo is promoting all around the world, creating the network of the "Cities for Peace".

The first seat of the MdP was inaugurated on the 14th of June 2010 (Maison de la Paix - Casa Universale delle Culture) in the historical building of the Grand Hotel de Londres in Naples.

The action of the Maison de la Paix - Casa Universale delle Culture aims at improving the main activities of the "Universal Forum of Cultures" in: Barcelona (2004), Monterrey (2007), Valparaiso (2010) and Naples (2013).

The Maison de la Paix performs most of the initiatives jointly with the Maison de la Méditerranée.


The Fondazione Mediterraneo was invited and participated in the commemorative event for the 160th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Italy and the United States of America, organized by the Embassy of Italy in Washington DC, the Central Europe of the Atlantic Council and the ISPI - Italian Institute of International Political Studies, under the High Patronage of the President of the Italian Republic.
The virtual celebrations took place between Italy and the United States on Tuesday, April 13, 2021, at 9:00 (ET), 15:00 (CEST). The event featured discussions on the US - Italy partnership and opportunities for future cooperation in the political, economic and scientific fields.
The celebration was followed by an exclusive virtual performance by the “National Symphony Orchestra” at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, with maestro Gianandrea Noseda, world-renowned Italian conductor. With the administration of Joe Biden and Mario Draghi taking office, this anniversary is a pivotal moment in the US-Italy partnership and the broader transatlantic alliance
The United States and Italy can leverage their strong historical ties to foster international cooperation on global challenges such as Covid-19 relief and economic recovery, among other issues. The event was broadcast on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. On the same day, the Mediterranean Foundation presented the "APPEAL FOR THE UNITED STATES OF THE WORLD".

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The notes contained in the volume distributed on social networks from today and then in the press, are an invitation to reflect on the future of "Naples Metropolitan City": on the need to reform its institutional structure and to outline environmental and urban transformation processes that 'help to leave behind positions in the rankings for quality of life. The data collected are certainly not exhaustive: they are the minimums sufficient to highlight glaring anomalies or contradictions that lead us to suggest how to abandon "the era of unjustified ignorance" and how to outline a suitable institutional and urban reorganization. Again in summary form, they document how precisely in Naples - with the Framework Plan of Equipment (1974/75) - a first organic proposal was formulated on an urban scale of what will then happily be theorized in 2003 in "Five Minutes City" giving rise to principles and to techniques, first of all sporadic, which - from 2017 - begin to spread a little everywhere, from Canada to Australia and also in Europe. In the final pages, first notes of these logics in some and very different areas of the territory of “Naples Metropolitan City.
Volume was edited by Civilizzare l’urbano - ETS (with Patrizia Bottaro and Massimo Pica Ciamarra) and byNA.ME. - Institute for transformations of Naples Metropolitan City” (with Pasquale Belfiore, Alessandro Castagnaro, Ottorino Celano, Massimo Clemente, Annalola Geirola, Massimo Pica Ciamarra, Riccardo Rosi) with contributions by Valerio Barone (institutional aspects), Michele Capasso, Livio De Santoli (energy and sustainability), Paolo Frascani (economic history), Claudio Troisi (infrastructure and mobility) and by Gennaro Russo and Claudio Voto (Italian Institute for the Future / Center for Near Space).
The video edited by Michele Capasso (“Fondazione Mediterraneo”)  is titled:“verso Napoli Città Metropolitana” 2021.

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In this particular historical moment, in which the whole world is involved in what could become a human tragedy - a desperate war against the invisible enemy Covid 19 - the cooperation of all of us is needed.
If for once the humanitarian spirit prevailed over the political-economic power of multinationals, a solution could be found by liberalizing the patents of the vaccine manufacturers, allowing their production on site and encouraging them. To this end, the cooperation of all states for a shared common strategy would be needed. It is not, in fact, a struggle to impose a product on the markets:

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On the occasion of the XXVIa Day of Remembrance and Commitment in memory of the innocent victims of the mafia - promoted by Libera and supported, among others, by the Fondazione Mediterraneo - for the first time in 26 years we are not together to color the squares of Italy . In these difficult days where it is essential to stay at home, we did not want to let the families of the innocent victims of the mafias miss our embrace. And the memory does not stop just as the memory of all the innocent victims of the mafia does not stop. March 21 has never been an end date in itself but always the stage of a commitment that lasts 365 days a year in schools, universities, associations, parishes and everywhere citizens live that responsibility for the common good that it is the first antidote to the evil of the mafias and corruption. The innocent victims of the mafias don't just want to be remembered. They want us to continue their commitment, to fulfill their hopes. To remember, to bring back to the heart the lives of people torn from their families, realizing, in fact, a right to a name and to remember that has no "civil" content but ethical, human, supportive: core values ​​of a community capable of building a process of Memory. This is why it was decided to celebrate the day through a social campaign. Through the web and social media, all the innocent victims of the mafia have been remembered, their stories, their names and our closeness to all the families of the innocent victims of the mafia.

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