Since the beginning Fondazione Mediterraneo payed attention to the promotion of cultural dialogue among Euro-Mediterranean Countries, in particular to all those artistic forms that become instrument for dialogue: music, cinema, painting, sculpture, photography, literature and poetry.

In particular, during the years, the Fondazione promoted one of the most important painting exhibition from the Islamic World titled 
"Breaking the Veils: Women Artists from the Islamic World".

Fondazioone Mediterraneo collaborated with the Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts in the organization and promotion of the exhibition in Milan, Rome, Padova, NaplesBarcelona, Ourense, Keszthely and Latina.

Guided by Prof. Gilles Rossa Serra a delegation from the Fondazione Mediterraneo participated in the inauguration of the exhibition "Naples à Paris. The Louvre invites the Capodimonte Museum". This occasion was visited by the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella.
The exhibition will be on display at the Louvre from 7 June 2023 to 8 January 2024.

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Buccino calls Torino”: is the title of the local newspaper published by the small town in the province of Salerno, promoting “Luci d’Artista”: an international event launched several years ago by the City of Turin, which is being promoted this year by Buccino.

This year, the works of Mario Molinari play a central role in the theming, which is set in symbolic places in the town merging its history and architecture with the works of art.

During a visit to see the setting for the works, Pia Molinari expressed her satisfaction to the town’s mayor, Mr. Nicola Parisi about the professionalism of preparations and choice of places and donated a gift of a book on the works of Mario Molinari to express her appreciation for the same.

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The President Michele Capasso took part in the second edition of the "City and Utopia" exhibition, which became necessary to expand the themes just touched upon in the first. The setting was the same: putting together a mix of painting, photography, architecture, comics, cinema, contaminating the various arts, trying to create a short circuit between reality and utopia.

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The City of Turin has paid tribute to the sculptor Mario Molinari, author of the “Totem of Peace”, which the Fondazione Mediterraneo is disseminating throughout the entire world. In fact, a name plate has been placed on the house-museum where he lived and created his works of art.
The ceremony to unveil the name plate was solemn and moving and was attended by dignitaries from the city, as well as diplomats and representatives from parts of the world in which his works are exhibited.
The participants included the Consulate General of Morocco, Nourredine Radhi, Don Luigi Ciotti and many other who knew and admired the works of the “Sculptor of Colour”.
The Mayor of Naples, Luigi de Magistris, was also among those who sent a message for the ceremony.
President Michele Capasso commemorated the artist and good friend defining him as representing the “Power of Love”.

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