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The Fondazione Mediterraneo - which has had its headquarters in the city of Marrakech since 2002 - supports the ocher city designated African Capital of Culture 2020: a showcase for today's urban Africa, to promote the diversity of African cultural expressions.
In 2020, Marrakech, this millennial city twice listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, first through its medina since 1985, but also Jamaa Lafna Square as an intangible heritage in 2001, will bring the colors of African culture.
World famous tourist destination, Marrakech has an important tourist-cultural value capable of hosting international events of absolute importance.
The human capital of the city and the habit of multiculturalism allow Marrakech to launch a pilot edition of African capitals of culture, through the creation of the organizing committee of Marrakech 2020.
The African capitals of culture, which will be launched for the first time, is considered an important event, anchored and piloted in Africa and spread internationally. It is an initiative that coordinates and enhances the skills, know-how and abilities in the continent and in the diaspora that make up Africa today and shape the world of tomorrow.
The Museum of Peace  - MAMT will host the most significant moments throughout the year 2020

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President Michele Capasso and the members of the international committee of the Fondazione Mediterraneo express their condolences for the death of the Sultan of Oman Qaboos bin Said al Said.
After recalling the friendship with the sultanate and the collaboration in numerous peace and cooperation initiatives, President Capasso has traced the profile of Sultan Qaboos who died at 79 years after a long illness and remained in office for half a century.
“The longest-lived Arab leader will be remembered as a skilled mediator in regional conflicts - underlined President Capasso - much loved at home even if he concentrated on himself all the powers of a pivotal country between the Arab world and the Indian subcontinent. We wish his successor, 65-year-old cousin Haytham ben Tareq, good luck. We appreciated - concludes President Capasso - how in his inauguration speech the new Sultan assured that he intends to govern in the sign of continuity, respecting the principle of non-interference in the affairs of neighboring countries".
President Capasso recalled the visit of Sultan Qaboos to Naples and that of various Omani ministers to the headquarters of the Foundation

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On the occasion of the celebration of the "53rd WORLD DAY OF PEACE", the Holy Father Francis sent a message on the theme "PEACE AS A WAY OF HOPE: DIALOGUE, RECONCILIATION AND ECOLOGICAL CONVERSION".
The President of the Italian Republic Sergio Mattarella sent a message.
The president of the Foundazione Mediterraneo Michele Capasso spoke on the same theme in his message for the new year

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President Michele Capasso received the "Premio Natale della Ricerca" for his thirty-year commitment to dialogue and peace.
In the short thank-you speech, Capasso highlighted that the prize received is “the us Award”, as it is intended for all those, representing various Euro-Mediterranean countries, who have contributed and allowed the Fondazione Mediterraneo to play a leading role in the Euro-Mediterranean partnership

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The awarding ceremony for the "OMCOM 2019 Awards" took place in Bagno a Ripoli, in the Council Hall of the Municipality.
OMCOM is the "Mediterranean Observatory on Organized Crime and the Mafias" consisting of the Antonino Caponnetto Foundation and the Fondazione Mediterraneo.
The winners of this edition are

- Luogotenente GDF Salvatore Pizzo
- M.M. CC Luca Bencivenga
- M.M. CC Luca Tofanicchio
- M.C. Giuseppe Tranchida
- Commissario PDS Gaspare Graffeo Iannone
- Sov. Capo Filippo Conticello

- Maresciallo Giuliano Guazzelli

- Prof. Luciano Armeli Iapichino

- Galassia Islamica di Sandro Menichelli
- No Mafia di Gianluca Cali
- Malapuglia di Andrea Leccese (27 novembre camera deputati)

- Sara Lucaroni

- Giusy Badalamenti

- Don Pasquale Aceto

- The book “L'affare Modigliani” of Dania Mondini and Claudio Loiodice

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