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La Fondazione Mediterraneo e la Fondazione Antonino Caponnetto hanno costituito l’OMCOM – OSSERVATORIO MEDITERRANEO SULLA CRIMINALITÀ ORGANIZZATA E LE MAFIE – che si pone come obiettivi il monitoraggio e l’analisi di quanto succede nei paesi dell’area mediterranea affrontando con una visione geopolitica le problematiche criminali organizzate e mafiose. Compito dell’Omcom è anche quello di formare gli addetti ai lavori per metterli in grado di leggere le infiltrazioni presenti sul territorio e di informare le opinioni pubbliche del mediterraneo sui pericoli che tali infiltrazioni comportano.

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The awards ceremony took place on 5 September at 11:00, during an event in Florence, in the presence of Giuseppe Antoci and Salvatore Calleri, in the garden named after “Nonno Nino” as everyone likes to remember.
The Omcom winners are Alessio Ribaudo, Cecilia Sandroni and Gianni Scarpace for information, Walter Ganapini for the environment and Gerardo Mastrodomenico for legality.
This year one of the winners was Cecilia Sandroni (in connection from Venice to the Film Festival), the only woman awarded today, for her commitment in denouncing environmental crime active in the Val di Cornia and Tuscany area. She is an international journalist of culture and human rights, founder of the ItaliensPR international platform and member of the Foreign Press of Rome.
September 5 is a significant date as it celebrates the 101st anniversary of the birth of the magistrate Antonino Caponnetto, symbol of the anti-mafia. With this recognition we intend to honor the incisive and daily work in defense of information

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"The threat reported in previous OMCOM Reports as" North African Jihadist Intelligence ", a name we put forward to facilitate the targeted identification of a reality devoid of acronyms, fluid, hybrid, finds fragments of" DNA "in previous acronyms particularly active in the past" : thus begins the analysis of Salvatore Calleri - president of the Caponnetto Foundation and of the Mediterranean Observatory on organized crime and mafias.

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The celebrations for the centenary of the birth of Nino Caponnetto, Judge creator of his historic Pool or "Nonno Nino" for the thousands and thousands of children, took place in Florence and Naples (OMCOM headquarters and the Museum of Peace - MAMT) met, until the last moment of his life, in the schools of all our forgetful Italy.
"He loved Florence, he was loved by it and still is today. He loved Palermo, he was loved but not enough. He chose to be a judge. Without saying anything to his wife, he replaced Rocco Chinnici killed with the Lebanese method by Cosa Nostra. He obtained the first sentence of the Constitutional Court as Magistrate in his first position. He fought in Africa and came back full of nightmares and lined up for peace. He spoke to young people from all over Italy. He created the first anti-mafia pool with four musketeers: Falcone, Borsellino, Guarnotta, Di Lello. He loved his wife Betta for 61 years until her death. He defended the Constitution. He was the first, in the history of our country, to have over 400 mafia bosses sentenced definitively. He wept for the death of his 'children' Falcone and Borsellino. He said 'it's all over', immediately regretting it ".

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The Fondazione Mediterraneo, in partnership with academies, universities and various countries around the world, presented at the Museum of PeaceMAMT, "THE REPUBLIC OF SPACE": a long-term project aimed at protecting, preserving, enhancing and promoting the heritage of humanity in the main categories.

We live in a difficult moment in our history - said the president Michele Capasso - in which the fluid dimension seems to be predominant: values, climate change, art, creativity, crafts, collective memories and much more seem to have no more meaning and everything appears at the mercy of an "anomalous" wave capable of upsetting the world by taking everything away.

To save the immense material and immaterial world heritage it is necessary to act "Beyond" and "Other": creating a real dimension outside our planet, precisely in Space, where to protect, safeguard, enhance and promote the most significant part of the assets world heritage. From artistic heritage - at risk of earthquakes, floods and climatic events - to collective immaterial memories, from the most significant documents of history to poems, from ancient knowledge to new technologies: a list nourished of things to be preserved and protected, both at an intangible and material".

On the occasion of the celebrations of the thirtieth anniversary of the birth of the Fondazione Mediterraneo  - scheduled for 2020 - the executive project and the general criteria of "The Republic of Space" will be presented in various countries.

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Seventh anniversary at the Museum of Peace - MAMT. This morning a large influx of visitors and students, especially from elementary and middle schools, to celebrate the "223th anniversary of the birth of the tricolor flag".
Videos, images and documents - since the first presentation of the Italian flag in Genoa in 1789 - have involved young visitors.
There are many connections through the museum's large video walls: in particular with the city of Reggio Emilia for the main celebrations in that city, where in the Prampolini square there was the flag-raising ceremony and the performance of the national anthem. Together with the civilian and military authorities of Reggio Emilia, the President of the European Parliament David Sassoli underlined the importance and value of the symbols.
The inter-force training company, deployed in the square, saw the aircraft of the Top Gun Fly flight school fly over the skies of Reggio and, with the colored smoke bombs, compose the Tricolor

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