Seventh anniversary at the Museum of Peace - MAMT. This morning a large influx of visitors and students, especially from elementary and middle schools, to celebrate the "223th anniversary of the birth of the tricolor flag".
Videos, images and documents - since the first presentation of the Italian flag in Genoa in 1789 - have involved young visitors.
There are many connections through the museum's large video walls: in particular with the city of Reggio Emilia for the main celebrations in that city, where in the Prampolini square there was the flag-raising ceremony and the performance of the national anthem. Together with the civilian and military authorities of Reggio Emilia, the President of the European Parliament David Sassoli underlined the importance and value of the symbols.
The inter-force training company, deployed in the square, saw the aircraft of the Top Gun Fly flight school fly over the skies of Reggio and, with the colored smoke bombs, compose the Tricolor