Euromedcafé (EN)

For intercultural dialogue between the two shores of the Mediterranean

Clichés, prejudices, the rise of Islamic radicalism, repeated terrorist actions, the threat of armed conflict.... All this seems to call into question the very idea of a rapprochement between the peoples of the Mediterranean. If dialogue is difficult, it is because reciprocal representations, collective imaginaries, seem to be becoming more rigid: this is because there is a lack of openness and space necessary for the discovery of the other and for exchange.

Euromedcafe, a portal created on the initiative of the Fondazione Mediterraneo, aims to be a "meeting space" for the Euro-Mediterranean area, in the conviction that intercultural dialogue is not only necessary as a guarantor of peace, but also a fundamental resource of collective enrichment.

Only through dialogue, bringing peoples closer together, confrontation and mutual understanding is it possible to combat prejudice and closure towards diversity; only by breaking down the barriers of ignorance is it possible to open up to curiosity about the other, to the need for knowledge and mutual enrichment through exchange.


Italian actors Massimo Dapporto and Maurizio Donadoni were treated to a preview visit of the in piazza Municipio in Naples, where they were welcomed by President Michele Capasso and Pia Molinari. They expressed their appreciation of the initiative aimed at promoting dialogue and peace thrhough hospitality, hosting events and offering products of the highest quality.

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