150° of the Italian Unity

Fondazione Mediterraneo actively participated in many initiatives for the 150° Anniversary of the Italian Unity.

It also carried out the project of the Tricolored Totem for Peace by Italian sculptor Mario Molinari which will be inaugurated in Turin on May the 4th 2011, between Corso Regina Margherita and Corso Lecce, as symbol of Peace and Unity.

The president of Fondazione Mediterraneo Michele Capasso handed over to the mayor of Naples Luigi de Magistris the “ Tricolour Totem of Peace” by the sculptor Mario Molinari, expressly made for the president of the Italian Republic Giorgio Napolitano on the occasion of the 150th  Anniversary of the Unification of Italy.
The “Totem of Peace” was symbolically handed over by the President of the Province of Turin Antonio Saitta, by the ambassador of Palestine to the European Union  Leila Shahid and by the Councillor of Moroccan Prime Minister Driss Guerraoui.
President Saitta sent a letter for the  occasion.
The Totem will be given to the President of the Republic Giorgio Napolitano.

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The President of the Republic Giorgio Napolitano participated in Turin to the party for the 150 years of the Italian Army. The Minister for Defence La Russa and the most important military, civil and religious representatives also attended the ceremony.

For the occasion the Fondazione Mediterraneo, together with the Province and the Municipality of Turino, inaugurated the biggest "tricolore" ever realized in Italy: an artwork by sculptor Mario Molinari.

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The concrete base for the artwork "Tricolored Totem for Peace" by the Italian sculptor Mario Molinari, has been completed in less than 10 days by Scarparo Costruzioni srl. The work will be inaugurated in Turin next 4th of May, as a symbol of Peace and Unity.

The "Tricolored Totem for Peace" is an initiative by Fondazione Mediterraneo in collaboration with the Municipality and the Provincia of Turin.






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The structure of the Tricolored Totem for Peace for Turin, a project designed for the 150th Anniversary of the Italian Unity, has been built in record times.

Thanks to the commitment of the companies SAEM s.r.l. and Project Stone, the Fondazione Mediterraneo has built  the iron structure of the 15 meters high Tricolored Totem for Peace  in just 5 days. This will be unveiled in Turin on 4 May.

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