150° of the Italian Unity

Fondazione Mediterraneo actively participated in many initiatives for the 150° Anniversary of the Italian Unity.

It also carried out the project of the Tricolored Totem for Peace by Italian sculptor Mario Molinari which will be inaugurated in Turin on May the 4th 2011, between Corso Regina Margherita and Corso Lecce, as symbol of Peace and Unity.

On  2 March  2011 Michele Capasso, president of Fondazione Mediterraneo met the president of the Moroccan Parliament Abdelwahed Radi  in Rome and the mayor of Turin Sergio Chiamparino in Naples, playing the role of “carrier” of the Totem for Peace.

The President of the Chamber of Representatives of the Moroccan Kingdom  Abdelwahed Radi – Secretary-General of the Moroccan socialist party – has formally handed over the Totem for Peace  to the  mayor of Turin Sergio Chiamparino. Since 4 March 2011, Radi is the President of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Union for the Mediterranean: an institution joined by the delegations of 43 Countries, established in 2003 at the Fondazione Mediterraneo.

On the same day, President Capasso met the mayor of Turin Sergio Chiamparino in Naples, with whom he has agreed to realize the "Tricolored Totem" on the occasion of the 150th Anniversary of the Italian Unity.

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A  Totem for Peace with the colours of the Italian flag will be raised in Turin, in 2011, on the occasion of the celebrations for the 150th Anniversary  of the Italian Unity. The news was given in Naples by Michele Capasso, president of Fondazione Mediterraneo during the presentation of the initiatives for the Shoah Day.

The International Committee of Fondazione Mediterraneo – entrusted with the implementation of the Totems for Peace worldwide – has permitted to build a Totem aimed at paying tribute to the 150th  Anniversary of the Italian Unity. The Totem, that will be unveiled by the President of the Italian Republic Giorgio Napolitano, will be 16 meters high, built in reinforced concrete and  thoroughly tricolour, in honour of the national flag colours.

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