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The participants in the "XXVII Anti-Mafia Summit" held in Florence - among them the anti-mafia prosecutor Cesare Sirignano, Giuseppe Antoci, representatives of the judiciary, the Guardia di Finanza, the Carabinieri, the State Police and democratic institutions - have unanimously shared the Appeal for the headquarters of the Museum of Peace - MAMT signed by representatives of various countries of the world.
The President of the Caponnetto Foundation Salvatore Calleri, in a statement to the press, underlined that "the XXVII Summit gave full mandate to all members of the Caponnetto Foundation - representing various institutions - to protect the Fondazione Mediterraneo in all democratic ways in order to maintain the headquarters of the Museum of Peace - MAMT and of the "Mediterranean Observatory on Organized Crime and the Mafias" in Naples in the Pierce Palace".

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The awarding ceremony for the "OMCOM 2019 Awards" took place in Bagno a Ripoli, in the Council Hall of the Municipality.
OMCOM is the "Mediterranean Observatory on Organized Crime and the Mafias" consisting of the Antonino Caponnetto Foundation and the Fondazione Mediterraneo.
The winners of this edition are

- Luogotenente GDF Salvatore Pizzo
- M.M. CC Luca Bencivenga
- M.M. CC Luca Tofanicchio
- M.C. Giuseppe Tranchida
- Commissario PDS Gaspare Graffeo Iannone
- Sov. Capo Filippo Conticello

- Maresciallo Giuliano Guazzelli

- Prof. Luciano Armeli Iapichino

- Galassia Islamica di Sandro Menichelli
- No Mafia di Gianluca Cali
- Malapuglia di Andrea Leccese (27 novembre camera deputati)

- Sara Lucaroni

- Giusy Badalamenti

- Don Pasquale Aceto

- The book “L'affare Modigliani” of Dania Mondini and Claudio Loiodice

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"Ideas, words and anti-mafia actions": this was the theme addressed at the XXVII National Anti-Mafia Summit which was held Saturday, November 30, 2019 in Bagno a Ripoli. Organized by the Antonino Caponnetto Foundation, in collaboration with the Mediterranean Observatory on Organized Crime and the Mafia (OMCOM), Fondazione Mediterraneo, Federation Anna Lindh Italia Onlus, Order of Journalists of Tuscany and Euromedia, the summit is now confirmed as a consolidated event in the fight scene to the mafia and to crime.
On this occasion the Omcom prizes were awarded to those who stood out against the mafia.

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Accompanied by President Michele Capasso, Pino Daniele's "fellow travelers"Tullio De Piscopo, Elisabetta Serio, Ciccio Merolla, Valentina and Leandro Zurzolo – visited the "Pino Daniele Alive" section of the Museum, retracing the main stages of a story common.
Great emotions interspersed with Tullio's performances and some “incursions” by the great Antonio De Curtis, prince-poet: a testimony to the greatness of a city like Naples that gave birth to unforgettable characters: from Pino Daniele to Totò, from
Massimo Troisi to Renato Carosone.

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