Mission||and values

The Fondazione Mediterraneo:

- develops dialogue between society and cultures in order to affirm fundamental rights (civil and political freedom; and social, cultural and economic rights), democracy and justice pursuing ethical values and reciprocal morale of respect and of exploitation of the differences;

- is a tool for researching solutions to the problems that threaten peace through strategies of co-existence;

- is a means of cohesion in reaching a common management of the Greater Mediterranean, also working in coordination with the European Union’s Euro-Mediterranean policies (the Barcelona Process, the Politics of Neighbours, the Union for the Mediterranean, etc.) and that of UN (Alliances of Civilizations).

- facilitates the participation of civil society and institutional actors through networks, platforms, forums and other modes of communication encouraging partnerships in order to avoid duplication and consequent waste of resources. Therefore, the Fondazione also supports and develops already-existing organisms and activities, maximizing the effective use of financial and human resources and thus, consequently, results.


The Fondazione Mediterraneo is developing a work plan to accomplish the following:

1. Activities of network the branch offices of the Fondazione

2. Participation in the programs of the network to which the Fondazione belongs

3. Technical coordination-organizational of the main office

4. Coordination of the Maison de la Méditerranée, Maison des Alliances, Maison de la Paix-Casa Universale delle Culture

5. Management of the database

6. Management of the web site and portals

7. Management of the press bureau and of press reviews

8. Management of the library

9. Management of the spaces for lectures, seminars, meetings, workshop, shows and varied events of the headquarters/main office

10. Actions for international visibility

11. Construction of relations and institutional engagement with countries, institutions and associations of the Greater Mediterranean

12. Missions in the countries of the Greater Mediterranean and elsewhere

13. Organizations of meetings of high political cultural and scientific impact, with representatives of the states of the Greater Mediterranean (heads of state and government; ministers; ambassadors; presidents of regions, provinces and local community; university rectors, etc.)

14. Organization of the “Mediterranean Award”

15. Activities of training and of research

16. Publications of the Fondazione


Moreover, the Fondazione Mediterraneo is developing the following actions:

a – the direction of events, regarding initiatives conceived, realised and organised directly by the Fondazione (prizes, publications, advanced training programmes, workshops, seminars, lectures, concerts, shows, etc.)

b – The co-organisation of events, together with either partners within or of outside the Fondazione’s networks or of other networks to which the Fondazione belongs.

c – The support of events organised from outside of either partners within or of outside the Fondazione’s networks or of other networks to which the Fondazione belongs.

d – The accomplishment of broad projects, both autonomous in form and in response to local and international calls for proposals. (Among the projects realised by the Fondazione are: Cinemamed, Medina, Medpride, Intercultural Dialogue, Civil Forum Euromed, Master’s training in complexity and human ecology, Euromedcafé, Medpeace, etc).