Civil Society

It was held in Brussels on "Southern Neighbourhood Civil Society Forum" organized by the European Commission in the framework of the Neighbourhood Policy devoted to the countries of the southern shore of the Mediterranean.
The commitment to involve Civil Society in the South Shore in the processes of governance - through a "Structured Dialogue" with the local authorities, regional and the European Union - is the result of the European Commissioner Stefan Fule, present in the work.
The Mediterranean Foundation, represented by the President Michele Capasso and Vice-President Caterina Arcidiacono, stressed the twenty-five years of commitment to the Euro-Mediterranean Dialogue between Civil Society and, in particular, the Euromed Civil Forum II of Naples in 1997, with which the Foundation fact anticipated the "structured Dialogue" - the subject of today's meeting - then bringing together more than 2,000 representatives of civil society, local and national government and the European Union in order to give continuity to the "structured Dialogue".
The Foundation, during the working sessions in Brussels, has proposed experiment in Naples, at the headquarters of the "Maison de la Méditerranée", a "SCHOOL OF EDUCATION TO STRUCTURED DIALOGUE" for representatives of civil society, local institutions and national and the European Union.