150° of the Italian Unity

Fondazione Mediterraneo actively participated in many initiatives for the 150° Anniversary of the Italian Unity.

It also carried out the project of the Tricolored Totem for Peace by Italian sculptor Mario Molinari which will be inaugurated in Turin on May the 4th 2011, between Corso Regina Margherita and Corso Lecce, as symbol of Peace and Unity.

The President of the Republic Giorgio Napolitano, was greeted with an ovation at the Royal Theatre of Turin: a long applause for the Head of State and his consort, Signora Clio, at the inauguration of two days of celebrations which see Turin full of events for the 150th Anniversary of the Italian Unity.

Also present at the event the President of the Fondazione Mediterraneo Michele Capasso.

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Prefect Pasquale Manzo has handed over the red shirt identical to those bought by Nino Bixio for Garibaldi in 1859 to the President of the  Italian Republic Giorgio Napolitano and, at the same time, has strongly appreciated and promoted the project  of the Totem for Peace that the Fondazione Mediterraneo is disseminating worldwide.

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On the occasion of President Giorgio Napolitano’s visit to the Officine Grandi Riparazioni for the 150th  Anniversary of the Italian Unity,  the Fondazione  Mediterraneo  has presented the Tricolored Totem for Peace  that will be unveiled in Turin on 4 May, as a  symbol of peace to celebrate the Unity. The initiative has been unanimously appreciated by Prefect  Manzo and other authorities.

The Tricolored Totem for Peace is an initiative promoted by Fondazione Mediterraneo in cooperation with the Municipality and Province of Turin.

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