OMCOM||Osservatorio sulle Mafie (EN)


La Fondazione Mediterraneo e la Fondazione Antonino Caponnetto hanno costituito l’OMCOM – OSSERVATORIO MEDITERRANEO SULLA CRIMINALITÀ ORGANIZZATA E LE MAFIE – che si pone come obiettivi il monitoraggio e l’analisi di quanto succede nei paesi dell’area mediterranea affrontando con una visione geopolitica le problematiche criminali organizzate e mafiose. Compito dell’Omcom è anche quello di formare gli addetti ai lavori per metterli in grado di leggere le infiltrazioni presenti sul territorio e di informare le opinioni pubbliche del mediterraneo sui pericoli che tali infiltrazioni comportano.

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Presentation: Piero Grasso, President of the Italian Senate

“...Today, as President of the Senate, I called to a role in ensuring that prevents me from getting to the heart of the process of formation of the law and even to vote on the laws. But not for this I gave up the struggle for the rule of law and justice. This is a goal to which we must all contribute, with a renewed ethical impulse and an even greater technical knowledge of the phenomenon.
I am sure that this Report, extraordinarily innovative in its ability to analyze the mafia infiltration, would have liked to Anthony Caponnetto, hero symbol of this struggle…
His courage, his strength , his ability to create harmony and harmony in the work are now the lifeblood dellaFondazione that bears his name, engaged in the front line against organized crime, in particular through the continued work of training and awareness raising to young people, the future citizens of our country. Without the commitment of the Foundation Anthony Caponnetto and all other associations that struggle every day for the rule of law would we be today certainly more helpless in the fight against the mafia…”.

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A delegation of the Fondazione Mediterraneo and the Fondazione Caponnetto, headed by Michele Capasso, Antonio Di Lauro and composed, among others, by Councilors Antonio Luongo and Ginetta Caiazzo has hailed the “Ship of Legality” from Naples to Palermo to commemorate the anniversary of the killing of the judge Falcone, Francesca Morvillo and his escort. To never forget.

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The Fondazione Mediterraneo and the Fondazione Caponnetto, which together gave birth to OMCOM - ”Mediterranean Observatory on organized crime and the mafias” - will participate with their delegations on the ship organized by the Foundation Falcone.

The departure from the Fondazione Mediterraneo in Naples, the day 22 05 2013 in via A. Depretis, just opposite the pier Beverello in Naples.

Today in Naples at the headquarters of the Fondazione Mediterraneo became the operating Omcom (Mediterranean Observatory on organized crime and the Mafia). This Observatory was established following the delivery of the prize to legality 2013 Mediterranean “Raffaele Capasso” to Fondazione Antonino Caponnetto. Institutions proposer are the Fondazione Mediterraneo and the Fondazione Antonino Caponnetto.

The Omcom stands as objectives the monitoring and analysis of what happens in the Mediterranean area countries facing with a geopolitical vision of the organised criminal and mafia problems. Omcom’s task will also be to train professionals for them to read the infiltration in the area and to inform public opinion of the Mediterranean on the dangers that such infiltration.

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