OMCOM||Osservatorio sulle Mafie (EN)


La Fondazione Mediterraneo e la Fondazione Antonino Caponnetto hanno costituito l’OMCOM – OSSERVATORIO MEDITERRANEO SULLA CRIMINALITÀ ORGANIZZATA E LE MAFIE – che si pone come obiettivi il monitoraggio e l’analisi di quanto succede nei paesi dell’area mediterranea affrontando con una visione geopolitica le problematiche criminali organizzate e mafiose. Compito dell’Omcom è anche quello di formare gli addetti ai lavori per metterli in grado di leggere le infiltrazioni presenti sul territorio e di informare le opinioni pubbliche del mediterraneo sui pericoli che tali infiltrazioni comportano.

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The Ellenika operation showed the existence of international narcomafia groups working together.
In particular Albanians, Serbians and Italians. Three levels: Albanians engaged in trafficking, Serbians whom are working as carriers and Italians in Pescara whom are selling the drugs. Also Bosnia is engaged. Heroine come from Afghanistan.

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Took place in San Marino the 3° Antimafia Summit, with the participation –among others – of State Secretary  Gian Carlo Venturini and Giuseppe Maria Morganti, Italian Ambassador in San Marino Republic Barbara Bregato, of  Senator Mario Michele Giarrusso, Member of Antimafia Parliamentar Commission , Senator Lorenzo Diana, League of Legality, Salvatore Calleri, president of Caponnetto Foundation,  Domenico Bilotta, Caponnetto Foundation National Responsible for School, Michele Capasso, president of  Fondazione Mediterraneo. The last one, during his speech, not only dealt with the mafia problem, but also about foreign policy: “There are no more big statesmen as were in the past and this is the most important reason because there is brutality based on illegality.” Still, I’ll tell to youngs that this is the time to dare, to be peace makers. The challenge is everyone has the power of his life in his hands. San Marino’s role is important:  you are a small Republic, talking about physical dimensions of your state, but for your History you are great.” From this point starting  the relaunch of a project which could comport youth exchange all over the world, from needy areas from Italy, Europe and all over the world in order to bring their visible experience. San Marino’s history will be part of “MAMT – Mediterrean  Museum of Arts, Music and Traditions” established by Fondazione Mediterraneo which will open by the end of the year.

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At San Marino, during the third antimafia summit, presidents of  Caponnetto Foundation, Salvatore Calleri, and Fondazione Mediterraneo, Michele Capasso, with Sen. Mario Giarrusso from Antimafia Parliamentar Commission of Italian republic, presented and illustrated the aims and activities of  OMCOM (Mediterranean Observatory about organized criminality and mafie) to Internal Affairs and Justice State Secretary Giancarlo Venturini.

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