Since the beginning Fondazione Mediterraneo payed attention to the promotion of cultural dialogue among Euro-Mediterranean Countries, in particular to all those artistic forms that become instrument for dialogue: music, cinema, painting, sculpture, photography, literature and poetry.

In particular, during the years, the Fondazione promoted one of the most important painting exhibition from the Islamic World titled 
"Breaking the Veils: Women Artists from the Islamic World".

Fondazioone Mediterraneo collaborated with the Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts in the organization and promotion of the exhibition in Milan, Rome, Padova, NaplesBarcelona, Ourense, Keszthely and Latina.

“Through the works which adorn the Palace at Venaria we want the visitor to enter into the multifaceted brilliant beauty of the country: an exciting, awe inspiring and emotional voyage, like all voyages in Italy”.

This is the phrase on the panel at the entrance of the exhibition “Bella Italia” with more than 350 artworks from the museums of Italy and the world, as well as private collections, which tell the identity of the main Italian “capitals of culture”.

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Together with the Reggia di Venaria Reale the other reference point of the Officine Grandi Riparazioni: from March to November 2011 Italy is here in 22 thousand square metres of history and the future.

Three large exhibitions are presented: the first “Being Italian 1961-2011” is a surprising multimedia presentation in an area of 10 thousand square metres where the protagonists are the Italians, with their traditions and the force of their unified history; the second exhibition is called “Future station” and is a voyage through ideas and projects which shall change people’s lives in the next few years; the third exhibition is entitled “The future in their hands” and is a laboratory which gets to the heart of Italian creativity.

President Capasso with the pro-rector of the University of Turin Coluccia and the Assessor Alfieri followed the itinerary of this fascinating voyage.

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The participants in the 9th Meeting of the Heads of ALF National Networks visited the Photographic Exhibition "On this and the other side", organized by Anna Lindh Foundation and MultiCulti Portuguese Association.

The photos tell the journey made by an international delegation invited by the Anna Lindh Foundation to assist and participate in cultural activities in Israel and Palestine, within the context of the initiative « Restore trust, Rebuild bridges » realized in September 2009. 


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Within the context of the 5th Edition of "Zagara and Rais: euro-mediterranean meetings of Ispica" Architect Enzo Fiammetta arranged the exhibition of terracotta coming from the "Museo delle Trame di Gibellina".

The Mayor of Ispica Piero Rustico, the President of the Association “Zagara e Rais” Andrea Corvo and the President of the Fondazione Mediterraneo Michele Capasso took part in it as well.

The Fondazione Mediterraneo cooperates with "Zagara e Rais"for an agreement signed with the Municipality of Ispica.

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