To promote culture as a medium of access to the world, to the knowledge and to the know-how, giving to men and women the means to express their ambitions an to build a necessary dialogue for the future of peoples.

To realize activities which emphasize the contribution of the different cultures to the shared heritage and knowledge, bringing to light the potential, not yet expressed, of the exchange of experiences and diffusing knowledge of the reciprocal influences that fuelled traditions, habits and costumes of the project of a new Humanism as foundation of comprehension among Peoples.

To facilitate the cooperation among Institutions, Research Centres, Universities and organizations for the updating of knowledge and the realization of joint initiatives to contrast prejudice and to diffuse the innovations of thought and science as well as the examples of good practice connected to the new technologies applied to the sustainability of the development.

To promote studies and the activation of experiences aimed to facilitate cohabitation and interaction of people and groups with different cultural backgrounds.

To promote, systematically, information and communications about the different initiatives undertaken for the cooperation between Europe and Arab World to avoid duplications and waste of resources.