The main activities of the MAISON DE LA PAIX are:

Periodical meetings of experts, persons responsible and decision makers concerned with the different thematic areas
Meetings will be held, systematically and periodically (once in a year), with the participation of the main persons responsible and decision makers concerned with the different thematic areas. This action is the first example of “harmonization” of the ongoing initiatives, which too often represent unnecessary duplications and continued waste of resources.

Annual Plenary Meeting
Once in a year, a plenary session will be held with the participation of the experts, the persons responsible and the decision- makers concerned with the different thematic areas who have participated in the different meetings per each area. This plenary meeting, which will be extended to other subjects involved, is meant to synthesize the problems of the different thematic areas so as to produce essential contributions for the redaction of the “Europe – Arab World Annual Report”.

Meeting of the “Pondering Committee”
The “Pondering Committee” established by the Fondazione Mediterraneo (made up of intellectuals, economists, artists, political decision-makers, etc.) will meet more than once in a year and its works will be object of a multi-language publication and of video interviews, both published on the web portal.

International Peace Workshops
Every year, in collaboration with partner Institutions – above all the "Anna Lindh" Euro-Mediterranean Foundation – the Maison de la Paix organizes the International Peace Workshops in order to analyze best practices and to build common paths to affirm non-violence as main element for Dialogue and Peace.

Coordination Secretariat
For the organization of the annual meetings of the representatives of the different thematic areas, of the annual plenary meeting and for all the other activities concerning the Maison de la Paix, there will be a secretariat made up of a coordinator and 8 multi-language persons.p>