Mediterranean Award for "Civil Society" - 2014
to Štefan Füle

Commissioner for Enlargement and Neighbourhood Policy, UE

The prize is awarded to Commissioner Štefan Füle For having conferred civil so- ciety a leading role, in decision- making over processes of gover- nance and democracy, especially across the Mediterranean coun- tries For its role as promoter of democracy and participation, the initiative of the “Structured Dia- logue” between civil society, lo- cal authorities, and the European Union is a fundamental tool to re- launch Europe and its partnership with the Southern Mediterranean countries.

Awarding Ceremony
Naples, 27 october 2014

Mediterranean Award for "Civil Society" - 2014
to Romano Prodi
President of the European Commission, ITALY

For the far-sightedness by which, in his capacity as President of the European Commission, he wanted to assign a key role in European policies to the dialogue among cultures and civilizations . The result of the work carried out by the “High-Level Advisory Group” – set up by him in 2002 – is still today a reference for the Euro-Mediterranean cooperation and for the cultural and social interaction in the region, being a founding pillar of “Anna Lindh” Foundation.

Awarding Ceremony
Naples, 27 october 2014

Mediterranean Award for "Civil Society" - 2014
a Andreu Claret

Executive Director of the Foundation Anna Lindh, SPAIN

For his commitment for the dialogue among Euro-Mediterranean civil societies and for his ability, as Executive Director, to relaunch the “Anna Lindh” Foundation in a delicate moment of its development. The rigor and the managerial skills that are his characteristics have made efficient an articulated and complex action, laying the foundations to relaunch this institution in spite of the so grave historical moment we are going through

Awarding Ceremony
Naples, 29 October 2014

Mediterranean Award for Civil Society - 2013
to General Union of Cultural Centers

For having contributed to integration and cooperation among young people in Palestine and other countries by undertaking precise actions to restore dignity and prestige to Palestine, as well as giving hope to young people for a future with peace, solidarity and mutual respect. Undertaking careful reforms for the inclusion of young Palestinians is just one concrete example of good practice.

Awarding Ceremony
Naples, 05 April 2013

Mediterranean Award for Civil Society - 2012
to Youth Resource Centre (ORC) Tuzla
Miralem Tursinovic' - Director

For having contributed to the integration and cooperation between young people in the former Yugoslav Republics, thanks to an careful and impartial historical interpretation of the recent war and joint projects for integration and partnership with youths and networks of young people involved in Civil Society initiatives in Euro.-Mediterranean countries.

Awarding Ceremony
Cyprus, 10 november 2012

Abdelmaksoud Rachdi - 2010
President of the Euromed NGO Platform, MOROCCO

For his involvment and his action in promoting the role of civil society in the decision‑making processes within the Euro‑Mediterranean area. The Euromed NGO platform he presides constitutes the reference to gather and enhance th main actors of the Euro‑Mediterranean Civil Society.


Awarding Ceremony
Naples, 13 June 2010