Euromed Award (EN)

In 2005 the Fondazione Mediterraneo in partnership with the Anna Lindh Euro-Mediterranean Foundation for Dialogue between Cultures - of which the FM is Head of the Italian Network - decided to launch a special category of the ‘Mediterranean Award’ entitled the Euro-Med Award for the Dialogue Between Cultures.

This decision was taken unanimously by the Heads of the 35 National Networks during the meeting held in Barcelona on the 27th of November 2005 to celebrate the “Year of the Mediteranean” and the tenth anniversary of the Euromed Partnership.





Banda Internationale: in cooperation with 9 professional and amateur musicians from Syria, Iran, Iraq, Palestine and Burkina Faso, “Banda Internationale” has produced a concert programme combining music from the countries of origin of all musicians involved. The target of this project is not limited to refugee musicians, but they want to enhance more than music their own commitment and the commitment of their fellow citizens to help refugees’ transition to life in Germany.

Awarding Ceremony
Tallinn, 14 december 2017



Capoeira 4 Refugees (C4R) is a UK registered charity running projects in Syria, Palestine and Jordan.C4R uses capoeira, consisting of music, sport and play, to strengthen fractured communities broken apart by war and forced to flee their homes. Its programmes promote inter-and intra cultural dialogue, tolerance, respect and solidarity.

Awarding Ceremony
Bruxelles, 19 Novembre 2015



Zoukak theater was established in 2006 to develop a platform for creating and research focused on theater and arts and aiming to create interconnected languages interpretive practices. The project is based on the need to develop a business continuity for their drama and the belief that this practice is a political and social engagement. Zoukak leading theatrical interventions with incarcerated youth, disabled children, women victims of domestic violence and other marginalized groups in our society, while continuing to work with people affected by the war directly or indirectly way.

Awarding Ceremony
Naples, 29 October 2014



La House of Tales and Music (Jordan) rappresentata da Rabeea Najm Al-Din Al-Naser è il vincitore dell’Euro-Med Award 2013-2014. La Cerimonia di assegnazione si è svolta a Vilnius presenti i Capofila delle 42 Reti Nazionali della Fondazione Anna Lindh ed ha visto la partecipazione di Andreu Claret, Direttore della Fondazione Anna Lindh, e di Michele Capasso, Presidente della Fondazione Mediterraneo che hanno consegnato il riconoscimento a Rabeea Najm Al-Din Al-Naser.

Awarding Ceremony
Vilnius, 23 November 2013



The Awards Ceremony was held in Cyprus on 10 November 2012 at the UNESCO Auditorium, University of Nicosia in the presence of the Heads of the National Networks of the Anna Lindh Foundation. Participants at the ceremony included Andreu Claret, Director of the Anna Lindh Foundation, and Michele Capasso, President of the Fondazione Mediterraneo, who handed this accolade to Sylvia De Fanti and Simona dell’Acqua, representing the Teatro Valle Occupato Theatre Group. This year, the theme for the Euromed Award was “Youths for change, social justice and co-development”.
President Michele Capasso expressed his satisfaction for the acknowledgement emphasizing that the nomination of the “Teatro Valle Occupato” was launched by the Fondazione Mediterraneo itself and has been agreed by the members of the 43 Euromed member countries.

Awarding Ceremony
Cipro, 10 november 2012



Development No Borders is the winner of the 2011-2012 EuroMed Award. 
The Awards Ceremony took place at the Town Hall in Krakow on 22 October 2011 in the presence of ambassadors from 43 countries belonging to the Union of the Mediterranean and Members of the Board of Governors from the Anna Lindh Foundation.
This year, the Euromed Award chose the theme of “For Citizenship and for Freedom” and it was accepted by Amr Shaaban, Chairman of Development No borders, who expressed his gratitude for this acknowledgement in addition to explaining the activities of the association.

Awarding Ceremony
Cracovia, 22 october 2011


Ecopeace Friends of the Earth Middle East - 2010

Founded by environmentalists coming from Palestine, Jordan and Israel and by members of Friends of the Earth International, the largest organization of environmentalists in the world, FoEME is an organization of civil society, which carries out research projects and promotes dialogue beyond borders for the ecological sustainability in the region, fair sharing of Jordan Valley and fair peace.

Awarding Ceremony
Bruxelles, 3 December 2010


Combatants for Peace - 2009

“Combatants for Peace”, a civil movement jointly established by Palestinian and Israeli individuals, is the Winner of the Euro-Med Award for the Dialogue between Cultures 2009. The Award, which is bestowed and voted by the members of the Anna Lindh Foundation’s networks of civil society present in forty-three countries, recognizes this year the contribution of organizations and individuals in promoting a culture of peace and coexistence in the Euro-Mediterranean Region.


Awarding Ceremony
Stoccolma, 21 September 2009


Rima Maroun - 2008
Photographer, LEBANON

The theme chosen by the Jury is “Dialogue through Art” and the Award has been granted to the Lebanese photographer Rima Maroun because she communicates, through her works, a message of peace and coexistence. Her compositions, with life images, even of wounded subjects or of victims of the endless civil war that troubles Lebanon, reflect an unusual sensitiveness, whose highest point of expression can be found in the exhibition “Murmures”: 14 multiple works where children and women are portrayed in front of a wall. A symbol that does not only mean “obstacle” but, above all, a spur to overcome the challenges everyone is confronted with.

Awarding Ceremony
Naples, 26 September 2008


Rodi Kratsa Tsagaropoulou e Jan Willems - 2007

The two ex aequo winners for this edition, Rodi Kratsa Tsagaropoulou and Jan Willems, have been working at two different but equally important levels in favour of women empowerment: Mr. Willems at the grassroots level, through his artistic talent and activities; and Ms. Kratsa at the institutional level, promoting equal opportunities policies in the European Parliament and in the Euro‑Mediterranean Parliamentary Assembly.

Awarding Ceremony
Cairo, 26 November 2007


Monastery Mar Musa - 2006

The Prize was awarded to the Monastery for its contribution in promoting mutual respect among population believing in different religions and creeds. Deir Mar Musa is a religious community founded by father Paolo Dall’Oglio in 1991. Its aim is to establish and keep up positive relations between Christians and Muslims. In the community there are men and women coming from different Countries and having different faiths who live the mutual experience to share the richness of their diversity through dialogue.

Awarding Ceremony
Tampere, 26 November 2006


Barcelona Process - 2005

The Fondazione Mediterraneo has granted the ’Mediterranean Award for Dialogue between Cultures 2005’ to Barcelona Process on the occasion of the 10 th anniversary of partnership agreements. Just to emphasize its symbolic meaning, the acknowledgement has been attributed to the heads of the 35 national networks of Anna Lindh Euro-Mediterranean Foundation as auspicious for the commitment to be undertaken by these actors on behalf of the European Union and of the 35 Euro-Mediterranean Countries in a difficult and indispensable action for peace.

Awarding Ceremony
Barcelona, 27 November 2005