Vincent Dieutre -2013

Vincent Dieutre ha vissuto a New York e a Roma prima di dedicarsi al cinema. Autore di numerosi scritti sul legame tra il cinema e l'arte contemporanea, insegna al dipartimento di cinema dell'Università di Parigi VII. Da cineasta esplora il «confine tra documentari e auto-fiction».

La Fondazione Mediterraneo gli attribuisce questo riconoscimento per aver creato un sistema poetico personale e umanista, capace di reinventare la scrittura di sé nella solitudine, nella separazione e nel ripiegamento, sopperendo in questo modo al bisogno umano di essere percepiti dall'Altro per sentirsi vivi. Il cinema di Dieutre è prima di tutto parola, una parola che riempie e personalizza anonime stanze di un hotel come intere città.

Awarding Ceremony
Naples, 05 october 2013

best short film of the director Nana Ekvtimishvili (GE) 2011

At the Trieste Film Festival, with whom the Fondazione Mediterraneo has been collaborating since1995, the 2013 Mediterranean Cinema Award for the best short film was awarded to “Deda” (Waiting for Mum) by Nana Ekvtimishvili.

The winner is "Deda, Apettando Mamma" of Nana Ekvtimishvili (GE) 2011

Awarding Ceremony
Naples, 26 January 2013

miglior cortometraggio della regista Anca Miruna Lăzărescu, (DE/RO), 2011.

The Mediterranean Cinema Award 2012 was assigned, during the Trieste Film Festival, at the best short-film in contest. Fondazione Mediterraneo collaborates with Trieste Film Festival since 1995.
The winner is "Apele tac, silent river", Anca Miruna Lăzărescu, (DE/RO), 2011.

Awarding Ceremony
Trieste, 25
January 2012

Best short film by director Petra Lüschow, GERMANY
Germany, 2010, 35mm, col., 14’, v.o. tedesca

The young German director explores the themes related to the need for dialogue among different cultures and the difficult and controversial relation between individual and power. As every year, the Wölkel family celebrates Christmas with grandmother. But this year something unexpected and shocking takes place: grandmother wants to recall the nazi Christmas of her young age. It is not a big problem, indeed, but it happens that just today they are waiting for a guest from Israel.

Awarding Ceremony
Trieste, 26 January 2011

Best short‑film by Hungarian director Krisztina Esztergályos, UNGHERIA
Ungheria, 2009, DigiBeta, col., 28´, v.o. hungarian

The award has been assigned to “Variációk” where the young Hungarian director explores sexual relationships, provokes understanding of reality, shows awareness of visual style and talent for a precise cinema language. She shows compassion for her characters without any sentimentalism.

Awarding Ceremony
Trieste, 28 January 2010

Laura Morante - 2009
Actress, ITALY

Versatile and professional actress. She worked with young and famous directors in many Mediterranean Countries: from Italy to France to the Iberian Peninsula, crossing all kinds of movies, from thriller to comedy, always with outstanding results thanks to her personality and her innate artistic gift.

Awarding Ceremony
Naples, 12 June 2009

Ferzan Ozpetek - 2007
Film Director, TURKEY

For his contribution to the spreading of values of dialogue in the Great Mediterranean, giving a decisive impulse to cultural and social interaction in the Euro-Mediterranean area.


Awarding Ceremony
Naples, 15 June 2007

Yasmine Kassari - 2005
Film Director, MOROCCO

Her film work “L’Enfant endormi” shows the lives of women left alone by their partners and their daily work in the cornfields to nourish their children and the old people of the village. These women are freed and emancipated from the authoritative male figures, they can choose and evaluate their lives affairs in a context that often represents them as the victims of millenary traditions, but that has started a process of cultural renewal.

Awarding Ceremony
Naples, 16 June 2005

Pino Tordiglione - 2003
Film Director, ITALY

The film work of the Venice Screenings “The Stolen Christmas”, by Pino Tordiglione expresses in the originality, ingenuousness and simplicity of the cinematographic language, the Mediterranean culture and art emphasising, in its contents, the human values.


Awarding Ceremony
Naples, 12 December 2003