Italian Ambassador to Spain, ITALY

For having demonstrated the common features and views of Italy and Spain. He retraced accurately the history connecting the two people and cultures and gave incentives to the two create a common strategy to re-launch the Barcelona Process for a stronger Euro- Mediterranean Partnership. For this reason the Fondazione Mediterraneo attributed to Paolo Pucci di Benisichi the Mediterranean Award for Diplomacy 2003.

Awarding Ceremony
Naples, 4 January 2002



Best short film by the Bielorussian director Viktor Asliuk

Because, directed in a superb way, this film shows the rude life of Bielorussian farmers on the background of magnificent landscapes. A sober comment offscreen about pictures of women and men showing their hard living conditions. Wonderful shots, beautiful lights and sequences like a tragic classic painting.

Awarding Ceremony
Trieste, 23 January 2003



Melkite Archbishop of Galilee and writer

Priest at Ibillin, a small village in Palestine, Elias Chacour, Christian, Arab and Israeli citizen, is one of the few living witnesses of a coexistence, nowadays impossible, in the Middle East. He’s a man who, despite the bitterness that the story of his People might cause to him, courageously fights for the reconciliation of the two “blood brothers”: Israeli and Palestinian peoples. One of his challenges is to construct peace never giving up to those who constantly destroy it. His work starts from a school he founded at Ibillin, where 4500 Palestinian, either Muslim or Christian, and Israeli-Jewish children and students learn together. It is in this school that Elias Chacour’s mission takes shape: to construct a land of peace where the sons of God – brothers who today are tearing each other to pieces – can live peacefully together. It is a message of love and an impassioned address In favour of peace that Chacour sends to his Palestinian and Israeli brothers, not to convert them to his religion, but to show them a concrete and tangible possibility to share peace and life. Chacour is “another man of Galilee” who speaks from the depths of his suffering and of his wise experience.

Awarding Ceremony
Naples, 14 March 2003



Actress, ITALY

She has been able, through her exceptional and cathartic interpretation, to make absolute the drama of the feminine universe, subordinate and victim of violence in a story written with blood. For this reason the Fondazione Mediterraneo attributed to Carla Guido the Mediterranean Award for Art and Creativity 2003.

Awarding Ceremony
Naples, 14 March 2003



Weekly TV Programme TG3-RAI, ITALY

Manifold instruments are needed to support the dialogue among Mediterranean peoples, among which communication is undoubtedly one of the most important. The prize awarded to the weekly TV programme Mediteranneo produced by the RAI editorial office of Palermo, is a symbol of the acknowledgment for a press group that has been trying to meet this need for more than ten years, acting in favour of dialogue and Euro-Mediterranean communication and answering to the appeal for peace in former Yugoslavia launched by the Fondazione Laboratorio Mediterraneo since 1994. Today it is the only weekly TV programme, not just Italian, allowing to watch simultaneously, in a cost-effective and creative way, the RAI, France 3 and, since last February, the Spanish TV RTve. It is broadcast in 11 countries of the Mediterranean Basin and Latin America. Its editorial staff started to produce news services and reports almost two years ago for Rai Med, the only satellite channel, both in Italian and Arabic, watched in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. Giancarlo Licata is responsible for both initiatives originated and developed within the Testata Giornalistica Regionale, which has been capable of seizing the importance of dialogue among peoples and the different press teams better than any other national media.

Awarding Ceremony
Naples, 14 March 2003



Writer, ITALY

His work represents a long meditation on the missed occasion of the single being and of the entire history, also an emblem of the Mediterranean, which from the missed occasioons is still tragically constructing its present.

Awarding Ceremony
Naples, 28 May 2003



to the memory of FEDERICO BUGNO
Journalist and writer, ITALIA

Federico Bugno produced some of the greatest journalistic pieces with his strong reportages, showing that in order not to succumb to globalisation, journalism had to be “democratised”. He belongs to one of the last “big ones” who flies high; from Tiananmen Square to the Berlin Wall and to Sarajevo.”

Awarding Ceremony
Naples, 4 June 2003



to the memory of IZET SARAJLIC'

A man who showed us that literature in itself would not be enough. His teachings and his works encourage us to promote, peace and reciprocal respect through concrete actions.


Awarding Ceremony
Naples, 4 June 2003



President of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, EGYPT

She played a leading role in the realisation of the project of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina: its rebirth is an act of faith to the memory of a people and, at the same time, of a cultural which belongs to humanity.

Awarding Ceremony
Naples, 9 September 2003



Mayor Luisa Bossa, ITALY

Ercolano deserves much more than the bad reputation that a small number of its inhabitants has inflicted on it. The stretch of land linking Vesuvius to the sea initially strikes for the beauty of its natural landscape that foreign visitors, like the great French writer Colette, have celebrated with admiration and emotion. A sort of archaeological vertigo, making this inspired place rival the famous nearby Pompeii, pulses below the strolling tourists. The splendour of the wonderful villas that from the 18th century onwards have multiplied so as to form the enchanted so-called square of Elbeuf behind the Porticoes protecting this almost unique architectural complex, go by before the visitor’s eyes. Therefore the arguments supporting a Renaissance for this emblematic City are quite numerous. We have no doubts that the different events, such as the one that gathers us here to make the Mediterranean Hymn resound inside the walls of this ancient and modern City, will help, thanks to your initiatives, Mrs Mayor, give back the right place to Ercolano, among the cities built on the shores of our Common Sea, like the grains of a rosary for a common prayer Inspired by a Mediterranean faithful to its past, but definitely open to its future.

Awarding Ceremony
Ercolano, 14 September 2003



Nobel Prize for Literature, EGYPT

For the intensity of his inspiration and the quality of his style. Because through his art he has portrayed, with true emotion and integrity, the lives of humble inhabitants of the poorest neighbourhoods of his city. For his literary creativity which went beyond and has created for over fifty years a true “Arab human comedy”. For his capacity to go beyond the simple description of behaviours and habits and to transform it into an epopee of the human soul. For his courageous refusal of any fanaticism and exclusion. For the great contribution given to the international spreading of contemporary Arab literature. For his significant participation in the construction of a 21st Century humanism in the wake of Mediterranean historical knowledge.

Awarding Ceremony
Cairo, 18 October 2003



Film director, ITALY

The film work of the Venice Screenings “The Stolen Christmas”, by Pino Tordiglione expresses in the originality, ingenuousness and simplicity of the cinematographic language, the Mediterranean culture and art emphasising, in its contents, the human values. For this reason the Fondazione Mediterraneo attributed to Pino Tordiglione the Mediterranean Award for Cinema 2003.

Awarding Ceremony
Naples, 12 December 2003



Co-Presidents of the Euro-Mediterranean Parliamentary Assembly

The President of the European Parliament Pat Cox and the President of the Moroccan Parliament Abdelwahed Radi were the authors of the patient work that led to the creation in Naples, on 2nd December 2003, of the Euro‑Mediterranean Parliamentary Assembly, transforming the Forum instituted after the Barcelona Process. In acknowledgement of their essential action for democratic development in the Euro-Mediterranean area, the ad hoc Commission of Fondazione Mediterraneo granted the Mediterranean Award for Institutions 2003 to Presidents Cox and Radi.

Awarding Ceremony
Atene, 23 March 2004