Raffaele La Capria started his long itinerary as a novelist in the 50s, in a century characterized by poor reason and great ferocity. His work can be divided into three periods, reaching its end, but not its aim, during the 70s. An aim which is also suggested by his paper flowers opening to the reader’s eyes just as the Japanese paper flowers open to water. This “tryptic” of novels matches with an ideal “tryptic” of essays and reflections which illuminate the characters, the author, a whole generation and the mythical city where the Mediterranean brightness was switched off by another tragedy. La Capria’s work, a long meditation on the opportunity lost by the individual and by history, is a symbol of the Mediterranean which, from one failure to another, tragically builds its own present.
And this is the reason why the Prize Silver Dolphin 2003 is awarded to him, Mediterranean conscience and Mediterranean writer.