Director General of the State Property Agency, ITALY

The award was assigned to Roberto Reggi for his efforts in the valorisation and redevelopment of Italian public real estate assets.
His strategic vision aimed at the recovery and regeneration of public property has allowed in recent years to transform old abandoned buildings, urban vacuums, opportunities for development and economic and social growth for the country. At the helm of the Agenzia del Demanio, thanks also to the support of a united and motivated "team", it was able to grasp the market's expectations, combining it with the regulatory opportunities, inserting the assets into suitable circuits for their future destination.

Awarding Ceremony
Naples, 03 May 2018


For their daily commitment to the defense and preservation of the Casbah of Algiers, UNESCO World Heritage Site. This award is given to the hundreds of artisans, merchants, men and women who do not intend to leave the Casbah of Algiers who are building a civic choral system to prevent the destruction of this unique place in Algeria and the Mediterraneano.

Awarding Ceremony
Naples, 29 october 2014

ICOMOS - 2013
Consiglio Internazionale dei Monumenti e dei Siti, ITALY

The Consiglio Internazionale dei Monumenti e dei Siti (ICOMOS) is a global NGO whose mission is to promote, conserve, utilize and valorize monuments and sites.
Thanks to its actions, the evolution and circulation of ideas promote a new sensitivity towards the use of cultural heritage in the Mediterranean and the rest of the world. Diversity, collegiality and impartiality are the fundamental values which lie at the heart of exchange between countries of the North and South throughout the world. Renewed solidarity channeled through young people will contribute to the indispensible process of sensitization and education towards the conservation of monumental heritage.

Awarding Ceremony
Naples, 04 January 2013

Director General UNESCO, BULGARIA

For her commitment to the defense and protection of world cultural heritage as well as for strengthening the cultural diplomacy as a fundamental basis for peace and mutual respect among peoples. In particular, through her actions, she has created a space with which to recognize the value of immaterial and intangible cultures, considering them as the world heritage of mankind.

Awarding Ceremony
Naples, 3 september 2012


Philantropist, LEBANON

For her activity in favour of the historical, artistic, architectural, environmental and cultural heritage of Mediterranean Countries, in particular of Lebanon. By her actions, she has favoured – considering it one of the aspects of the historical heritage – the reintegration of the communities of migrants within their countries of origin.

Awarding Ceremony
Naples, 13 june 2010