The President of the Fondazione MediterraneoMichele Capasso, and Pia Molinari welcomed the  Director General, Irina Bokova awarding her “2012 Mediterranean Award for Cultural Heritage” and the title of "Ambassador of the United States of the World" 'for her actions” as is stated in the reasons “promote the protection, valorization and promotion of cultural heritage, including as a vector for dialogue and peace throughout the world”.

Among those attending the ceremony were the Director General or ALESCO (the equivalent organization to UNESCO under the auspices of the Arab League) Mohamed-El Aziz Ben Achour.
Members of the Fondazione Mediterraneo, delegations from world of culture, science, politics, religion and military organizations from different countries, as well as mayors from the Amalfi Coast (which is part of the UNESCO World Heritage) who support and promote the Totem for Peace (by sculptor Mario Molinari spoke at the event).

Among those present were Ambassador  Francesco Caruso, the World President of ICOMOS Gustavo Araoz, the President of ICOMOS Italia Maurizio De Stefano, the Quebec Representative in Rome Daniela  Renosto, as well as Corrado Beguinot, Vittorio di Pace, and Claudio Azzolini.

“At such a historically important time, following the transition from a society obsessed with ”having” more to one based on humanity that is open to the longing for being, a basic truth has to be acknowledged: the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in whatever form is a vector for new lifestyles. It is the guardian and advocate of Creation  leading us towards  strategies for Peace through increasingly genuine and deep movements of civilizations and religions”. This appeal for cultural heritage launched the UNESCO Director General, Irina Bokova was united with the Fondazione Mediterraneo Appeal for Cultural Heritage.