Mediterranean Award “ Social Solidarity ” - 2014
to José H. Ornelas
Psychologist, PORTOGALLO

Between 2011 and 2013 José Ornelas was one of the researchers of Housing First Europe, a social experimentation project on the EU level, developed, and funded by the European Commission.
This project brought together projects in several European cities, including five test sites where the approach was evaluated (Amsterdam, Budapest, Copenhagen, Glasgow and Lisboa), and facilitated the exchange of information and experiences with other cities where Housing First programs were planned or already implemented (Dublin, Gent, Gothenburg, Helsinki, Lille, Marseille, Paris, Toulouse and Vienna).


Awarding Ceremony
Naples, 23 janvier 2016

The Mediterranean Award for "Social Solidarity" - 2013
Associazione Jerry Essan Masslo
President Renato Natale, ITALY

For their efforts to integrate migrants in the geographic area of Agro Aversano and for their commitment to civil action for the promotion of fundamental rights and asserting social justice. The association was founded in memory of a south African immigrant who was killed in Italy and it bears testimony to the civil commitment against any form of abuse of power in affirmation of the rights of the most vulnerable in our territory where the Camorra is rife.

Awarding Ceremony
Naples, 04 January 2013

Associazione Scuola di Pace - 2012

The Association of Peace School, founded in 1989, dedicates its efforts to raise awareness, especially among young people, on issues of solidarity and civic engagement. In particular, the action aimed at students of secondary schools and the attention to migration with the creation of a school for the teaching of the Italian language, supplemented by significant side effects, make it an example of excellence in the diverse world the voluntary sector.

Awarding Ceremony
Naples, 04 January 2012


Alberta Levi Temin and Diana Pezza Borrelli - 2011
Jewish‑Christian Friendship - Naples, ITALY

For their commitment in promoting the dialogue among cultures and civilizations involving youth. In particular, for spreading among the students the idea that we all belong to the human race, which is only one, cancelling the differences in view of a better understanding of the other, so as to reach a peaceful coexistence among people of different cultures and religions.

Awarding Ceremony
Benevento, 17 March 2011


"A Ruota Libera" Onlus - 2010
Association for Social Solidarity, ITALY

Fondazione Mediterraneo awarded the neapolitan association for the promotion of an innovative center for recreational activities for inabled young people and for the project “La Casa di Tonia”, where repudiated and abandoned single mothers left alone with their children, coming from the city or abroad, will be welcome. Inside the House “La culla della vita” will provide services such as multi‑ethnic nursery and kindergarte, a milk supply for newborns and a playground.

Awarding Ceremony
Naples, 4 January 2010


"L'Altra Napoli" Onlus - 2009
Association of Social Solidarity, ITALY

Fondazione Mediterraneo assigned the Mediterranean Award for Social Solidarity 2009 to the Neapolitan association L’Altra Napoli Onlus for its stimulating role in the civil progress of the Neapolitan society, looking at the areas of social unease trying to overcome the dependency culture, promoting concrete models of solution and government in those areas.

Awarding Ceremony
Naples, 19 February 2009


Canteen "Madre Teresa di Calcutta" - 2008
Association Social Solidarity, ITALY

For its role as a careful witness of the Phlegrean region’ s deepseated discomforts as well as for its constant activity of support and care, inspired by the noblest principles of charity and universal love.

Awarding Ceremony
Naples, 4 January 2008