City of Dialogue


In architecture - in cinema, in literature, in the sciences, in the arts
and so on - a "prize" indicates the distinctiveness of an author or a work: ambitious acknowledgments also because in the Jury called to attribute them, different theses and opinions are compared. The "Architecture and City" and "City of Dialogue” awards are promoted by two distinct organizations which launch them in different geographical areas: the former is promoted by the “Cenacolo della Cultura e delle Scienze” in the territories where the civilization of Magna Grecia was born, the root of Roman and European culture; the latter is promoted by the “Fondazione Mediterraneo” in countries overlooking the Mediterranean. However, they have similar objectives: they were born to stimulate integration projects - in the different meanings of the term- and to favour the formation of places of social condensation. They do not therefore have the ambition to point out perfect or exemplary buildings, but projects that bring gifts to the context; contributions to spaces of freedom, socialization, relationship, integration. Transdisciplinary actions that contribute to introducing new "places of social condensation" in urban contexts.
These "prizes" (with the collaboration of “Civilizzare l’Urbano - ETS) are characterized by three peculiarities:

  • they select interventions that generate positive transformations, that is, that propose themselves as acupuncture
  • they concern specific territorial areas and concrete projects
  • above all they stimulate us to deepen and develop a specific cultural line

These two risky experimental initiatives, with uncertain outcomes but are full of expectations and potential, because they are aimed at articulating, and linking similar hopes for living environments and coherent human behaviour to the different memories of individual places. In the words of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, these "prizes" have the ambition to give birth to the desire for a different future.
In a sense these initiatives are therefore also a "manifesto": they indirectly promote actions that contribute to "Civilizing the urban" as fragments of "Contemporary Humanistic Projects" that lead back constructing to its primary purpose. They prevent interpretations that reduce architecture to very search for new languages. Instead, they stress interest in topological relationships, in the framing of form, in "building according to principles".

The Prize - with the support of “Civilizzare l’Urbano ETS” - attributes honour, but above all is born to stimulate transformation processes in the cities of the Mediterranean countries.
It is attributed to projects that contribute to marking the passage from the "culture of separation" to the "culture of integration". Projects that involve urban regeneration or even a single construction.
Therefore, it does not look for individual buildings that are perfect or exemplary, but interventions that facilitate dialogue and contribute to the creation of spaces of freedom, of socialization, of relationships.
The attached images are only for references, ideas, reflection.

The public meeting for the presentation of the Call is scheduled for 10.30 on Saturday 11 December 2019 at Museum of Peace - MAMT - Naples Square Municipio.
A brief explanatory note is in n. 1/2020 of "Le Carré Bleu" - A travers la Méditerranée - freely downloadable from
The images attached in the "news" on this website are only for references, ideas, reflections.

Prizes are distinguished into two categories:

  • implemented projects
  • approved, but not yet implemented projects

are to be documented with no more than:

  • 3 panels suitable for printing (A1 horizontal format, max 10MB each) containing data relating to the extent and timing of the intervention, graphic schemes and images, descriptive report max 1,000 words Arial 12, names of designer and client
  • max 3' movie

Official languages: Italian, French, English.

The nominations - prior registration by March 30, 2020 (see facsimile attached) - must be sent by May 30, 2020 to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. accompanied by a release concerning the publication in any form of the materials presented.