City of Dialogue

In full compliance with the rules of distancing and protection for Covid 19, the award ceremony of the "Mediterranean award 2020" was held at the headquarters of the Museum of Peace - MAMT in Naples, which inaugurated the celebratory activities for the thirtieth anniversary of the Fondazione Mediterraneo. For the "City of Dialogue" section, the prize was awarded to the architect Vincenzo Latina for the "Environmental rehabilitation and restoration of the former Lampedusa quarry" project.
The project (approved in 2019) recovers the quarries between Punta Sottile and Cala Francese, proposing a place of hospitality and civil coexistence equipped for events, with an essential language poetically crossed by memories and suggestions.
The Prize was awarded by prof. Massimo Pica Ciamarra, a member of the Fondazione Mediterraneo director in the conception of the project, who speaks of "acupuncture more than prizes" and underlines how "the intent of the Award is clear because it seeks new urban intelligence inputs rather than self-referential buildings".
The reasons were read by prof. Eugenio Mazzarella, president of the jury.
The “Mediterranean Prize” is recognized among the most important awards thanks also to the quality of the juries representing 43 Euro-Mediterranean countries