In 1996, the Fondazione Mediterraneo instituted the Mediterranean Awards (with various categories) that are granted every year to eminent personalities from the worlds of arts and culture, politics and science and social disciplines, whose actions have contributed to reducing tensions, breaking down cultural barriers and developing shared values in the Greater Mediterranean.

This Award is considered one of the most prestigious acknowledgements in the world.

Various events are associated with the Mediterranean Award, such as the “Euro-Mediterranean Concert for Dialogue Among Cultures” and the “Epiphany Concert” (organized by the Cultural Centre “Oltre il Chiostro” in collaboration with the Fondazione Mediterraneo. The latter event is broadcast by RaiUno and Rai International throughout the world every year on the morning of January 6th).



The ceremony of the "Mediterranean Diplomacy and Development Award 2018" awarded to MOHAMED ABOU EL ENEIN took place in Naples, at the headquarters of the Museum of Peace - MAMT.
Present a large delegation of diplomats and journalists of the Arab Republic of Egypt, led by the Ambassador of Egypt in Italy HISHAM MOHAMED MOUSTAFA BADR.
This award is an artistic work created by the sculptor MARIO MOLINARI which represents a symbol of peace and common life: among those who have already received this recognition in the Arab world the late NAJIB MAHFOUZ.
The Mediterranean Prize is internationally renowned and is supported by many international institutions.
The ceremony was attended by diplomats from various countries and members of the Fondazione Mediterraneo and of the “Federazione Anna Lindh Italia”.

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A few hours after the concert at the San Paolo "PINO E'", friends, fans and students have visited the "PINO DANIELE ALIVE" section of the Museum of Peace - MAMT plunging into a sea of emotions.
Among the many, Coco Bucci, a music producer who came from Chicago who is moved reminding the fraternal friend Pino: he takes his leave by thanking President Capasso and the Fondazione Mediterraneo for having wanted to ensure "the continuity of having Pino always with us".

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During a ceremony held at the Museum of Peace - MAMT, international juries awarded Ornella Vanoni the "Mediterranean Award for Art and Creativity 2018".
Present at the ceremony ministers, ambassadors and representatives of international institutions.
Ornella Vanoni thanked the juries for this important recognition that honors her and expressed her sincere appreciation for the Fondazione Mediterraneo and for the President Michele Capasso, author of the documentary "OrnellaVanoni: little enough" projected before the awarding of the Prize, present - among others - the Minister Dario Franceschini and the Naples Police Chief Antonio De Iesu.

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