Mediterranean Award "Diplomacy and Development" - 2018
to Mohamed M. Abou El Enein
Businessman and Politician, EGYPT

The award was assigned Mohamed M. Abou El Enein for his efforts concerning the approximation of the Mediterranean peoples with regard to development; and exchanges. As an entrepreneur he is committed to valorization of the cultural and artistic heritage of Egypt and the countries Mediterranean waters of the South Bank.
Founder and president of Cleopatra Group, is the promoter of many important entrepreneurial projects. From 1995 to 2011 he was a member of the Egyptian Parliament, of which he has presided over various commissions and that he has represented in international fora.

Awarding Ceremony
Naples, 09 November 2018

Mediterranean Award "Diplomacy" - 2015
to SAR Prince Turki al Faisal al Saud
President of the King Faisal Center for Research and Islamic Studies, SAUDI ARABIA

For his efforts in reconciling peoples through the use of diplomacy and all acts of good will steering scientific production, enabling global fora and strategic studies reports disseminated and positively evaluated around the world, including the Mediterranean Region.
For his efforts in supporting the role of education as a fundamental element for the development of the Arab countries.
His remarkable commitment reflects his sincere desire to persevere in forging a true alliance of civilizations, in the name of cultural diversity, and the principle of otherness among peoples.

Awarding Ceremony
Naples, 12 September 2015

Mediterranean Award "Diplomacy" - 2014
to Dr. Jamal Sanad Al Suwaidi

Director General of the Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES

For his efforts to reconciling peoples through the use of parallel diplomacy, which steers scientific production, global forums and strategic reports disseminated and estimated throughout the world, and, among others, in the Mediterranean area. His remarkable commitment reflects his desire to always achieve the alliance of civilizations, cultural diversity, and the principle of otherness among peoples.

Awarding Ceremony
Abu Dhabi, 27 avril 2014

Mediterranean Award "Diplomacy" - 2014
to Serge Telle

Ambassadeur, FRANCE

Diplomate français, il a été nommé ambassadeur en charge du processus Euromed en avril 2008 et a porté, et mis en place, au nom de la France, l’ensemble du corpus juridique, politique et administratif au cœur de la nou- velle initiative de l’Union pour la Méditerranée. Ce projet est désormais irréversible et, malgré les difficultés inhérentes à la région, devrait contribuer à favoriser la compréhension, le rapprochement, voire la convergence indispensable entre les 2 rives de la Méditerranée. Serge Telle est un des acteurs principaux pour faire sortir la Méditerranée de la marginalisation que dans les dernières années s’est considérablement aggravée.

Awarding Ceremony
Naples, 29 october 2014

Mediterranean Award "Diplomacy" - 2014
to Felicio Angrisano

Admiral, ITALY

Admiral Felicio Angrisano, with the sincerity of a seafarer and the kindness of a Naval Officer, is, for His men and women as well as for the whole civil society, a great example of constant commitment fot the safeguard of human life aiming at a culture of Peace.
His action is characterized by an extraordinary sense of “General Wellbeing” and by the coherence that enabled him to assign the unusual role of “Diplomacy of Peace” to Harbour Offices and Coastguard.
When his men are the first to rescue and help the surviving immigrants, they represent the True Italy: Italy of solidarity and welcome.
The words of Cardinal Parolin, Secretary of State at the Holy See, can well be applied to Felicio Angrisano: “We cannot remain indifferent to the dramatic distress of human beings. We have to demonstrate
that peace is possible, that it is not utopia. Diplomats haven’t they the mission of working to make a happier world?”.

Awarding Ceremony
Naples, 29 october 2014

Mediterranean Award "Diplomacy" - 2013
to memoyo of Chris Stevens
Ambassador of USA in Libia, USA

For his innovative action in USA Mediterranean policy especially in Libya, where he was Ambassador. As an enthusiastic supporter of the Arab World, where he cultivated his love for Arabic and Muslim culture and society, he made every effort to accelerate the democratization process opening the door to freedom and justice.
His premature death caused by a senseless act of terrorism that had nothing to do with the values of the Arabic and Islamic world galvanizes us in our efforts to accompany the Arabic countries on their difficult yet inexorable path towards democracy

Awarding Ceremony
Naples, 04 January 2013

Hillary Rodham Clinton - 2012
Segretario di Stato

Per la sua azione promotrice di una nuova politica degli USA nel Mediterraneo, grazie alla quale è stato possibile sostenere la "Primavera araba" ed iniziare il lungo cammino della democratizzazione dei Paesi arabi fondato sulla libertà e sulla solidarietà.

Da sempre ha ritenuto che la Società Civile euromediterranea ha un ruolo essenziale nel processo di pace e nello sviluppo condiviso nella regione.

Awarding Ceremony
Naples, 06 January 2012

Inviata dell'Autorità Palestinese all'Unione Europea, PALESTINA

Per la sua azione in difesa dei diritti della Palestina e per il suo strenuo impegno per una pace duratura in Medio Oriente. Da sempre ha ritenuto che la Società Civile euromediterranea ha un ruolo essenziale nel processo di pace e nello sviluppo condiviso nella regione.

Awarding Ceremony
Naples, 20 May 2011

H.R.H. Wijdan Al-Hashemi - 2010
Ambassador of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan to Italy, JORDAN

By her action, she has contributed to spread the image and the excellences of Jordan and of the Arab World at a global level. Art, creativity and youth are the focus of her action, aiming at promoting a new concept of cultural diplomacy, overcoming conflicts and tensions.

Awarding Ceremony
Naples, 13 June 2010

Carl Bildt - 2010
Minister of Foreign Affairs, SWEDEN

He is the expression of cultural and political integrity and of a pluralist and democratic conception matured through a long journey and a long reflection. He has worked to create in his Country juridical and political conditions in agreement with international policies, always respecting Human Rights. His diplomatic activity is characterized by a strong action relying on the knowledge and sharing of the different problems in order to reach a cultural and political integration in the Euro-Mediterranean region, where Sweden is a leading subject.

Awarding Ceremony
Naples, 13 June 2010

Ursula Plassnik - 2009
Austrian Minister of Foreign Affairs, AUSTRIA

The Prize was awarded to the Minister Plassnik for her contribution in the promotion of the Euro-Arab dialogue through diplomatic initiatives able to build a coalition of shared values and interests with the full involvement of the Civil Society.

Awarding Ceremony
Naples, 12 April 2010

Massimo D'Alema - 2008
Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs, ITALY

For his role in the UN Council concluded with the declaration against death sentences and for placing Italy, with the actions in Lebanon and other Countries, in the board of European interventions to establish peace in the Mediterranean and in the World. Thanks to his political action, Italian foreign policy regained credibility and respect in international field giving back to Italy an important role.

Awarding Ceremony
Naples, 6 february 2008

Erkki Tuomioja - 2007
Finnish Minister of Foreign Affairs, FINLAND

“If our aim is a world of peaceful coexistence, then dialogue among cultures on a common ground is indispensable, a possible dialogue, especially in the region of the Greater Mediterranean, so that each culture can discover the reasons of the other: Finland is one of the main players in this process”. These are the words used to grant the Mediterranean Diplomacy Award 2007 to the Finnish Minister of Foreign Affairs Erkki Tuomioja.

Awarding Ceremony
Tampere, 27 November 2006

Mohamed Bedjaoui - 2006
Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Algeria, ALGERIA

Mohamed Bedjaoui is a model of both cultural and political integrity and of a pluralistic and democratic ideology, which is the final fruit of a long progress and deep reflection. He worked to achieve the political and juridical conditions of his Country in harmony with international policies and respecting human rights. His diplomatic activity is characterized by strong actions based on the understanding and sharing of different problems in order to come to a cultural and political integration in the Euro-Mediterranean region.

Awarding Ceremony
Naples, 20 October 2006

Miguel Angel Moratinos - 2004
Spanish Minister of Foreign Affairs, SPAIN

His politics in favour of the Euro-Mediterranean dialogue laid the basis to re-launch the peace process for a shared development in the area. At the beginning as general director of the Spanish foreign policy for Africa and Middle East, then as special envoy of the European Union in the Middle East, Moratinos always carried out a diplomatic and political work of dialogue and mediation that avoided the worsening of the conflicts. Now, as Minister of Foreign Affairs, he is carrying out a concrete diplomatic action against prejudices and the global fear of terrorism, increasing social justice and multiculturalism, against the idea of Islam equal terrorism.

Awarding Ceremony
Cairo, 5 December 2004

Paolo Pucci Di Benisichi - 2002-2003
Italian Ambassador to Spain, ITALY

For having demonstrated the common features and views of Italy and Spain. He retraced accurately the history connecting the two people and cultures and gave incentives to the two create a common strategy to re-launch the Barcelona Process for a stronger Euro- Mediterranean Partnership.

Awarding Ceremony
Naples, 4 January 2002

Nehad Abdel Latif - 2002
Egyptian Ambassador to Italy, EGYPT

In a long and patient process he has built the bases for a strong Egyptian-Italian dialogue by solidifying the knowledge of the societies living on the two shores of the Mediterranean. He was one of the protagonists of the 2 nd Euromed Civil Forum of Naples In 1997, giving a constructive contribution for the cultural, economic and social cooperation.

Awarding Ceremony
Naples, 4 January 2002