Welcomed by president Michele Capasso, vice-president Caterina Arcidiacono, Claudio Azzolini, Wassyla Tamzali, and other members of the Fondazione Mediterraeno as well as by ministers plenipotentiary Cosimo Risi and Antonio D’Andria, the Minister of Foreign Affairs Mohamed Bedjaoui, with the Italian Ambassador to Algiers Gianfranco Verderame and the Algerian Ambassador to Italy Rachid Marif, received the “Mediterranean Diplomacy Award 2006” and the title of "Ambassador of the United States of the World".

Before arriving in Naples, the Algerian Minister had a friendly meeting with Giorgio Napolitano, President of Italy, who congratulated him on receiving the award and he spoke about the outstanding personalities who received it before him.

During the welcoming addresses, Leonardo Impegno, president of the Municipal Council, underlined the role of Naples as central city in the Mediterranean. Antonio Valiante, vice-president of the Campania Region, expressed his esteem for Mohamed Bedjaoui – prominent political and institutional figure – and underlined how the Fondazione’s role is essential to achieve a political and cultural interaction in the region. Umberto Ranieri, President of the Foreign affairs Commission of the Italian Chamber of Deputies, summarized the outcome of this two days visit of the Minister in Italy and especially the legitimacy and parliamentary democracy discussed on occasion of the meeting with the President Giorgio Napolitano.

“I hope I don’t die after visiting Naples, as the old saying goes" jokes the Algerian minister after stating his “deep gratitude” towards the Fondazione and president Capasso for the award received. Renowned jurist, Bedjaoui, as well as being a diplomat, was both a member of the international Court of Justice and of the UN Commission of International Law. He said “This award is our prize, a prize for the efforts that we make everyday to establish a renewed golden age in the Mediterranean.” “Maybe it’s just a dream” - continues Bedajoui - “but realism has never killed dreams.” And “ thus we have to carry on dreaming and believing that different identities and Mediterranean differences are its power and richness.”