Mediterranean Award "Special Edition"
to Order of Physicians - Surgeons and Dentists of Naples and Province

For the dedication and commitment shown by the doctors of Naples and Province during the Covid 19 pandemic, saving lives.

Awarding Ceremony
Naples, 14 june 2021

Mediterranean Award "Special Edition"
to Ban Ki
Secretary General of the United Nations, SOUTH KOREA

The UN Secretary General, Ban Kimoon has used his best endeavours to further the ideals of peace and international cooperation enshrined by the United Nations Charter – through actions to promote fundamental human rights, equality of men and women, international peacekeeping and security, and the economic and social advancement of all peoples. In particular, he been outspoken in his actions to resolve the conflict in Syria, and more generally, the countries in which the Arab Spring has produced difficult transitions and bloodshed.
Historical truth, old and new difficulties preventing the peace process serve to strengthen his determination to consider peace as the imperative basis for the future of the Mediterranean and the world.

Awarding Ceremony

Mediterranean Award "Special Edition" for Peace Education- 2016
Don Ángel Fernández Artime
Rettor Maggiore della Congregazione Salesiana

Per l’attività in favore della Pace e della concordia tra i popoli del mondo, svolta dalla Famiglia Salesiana, in particolare nei luoghi dove imperversa la guerra: proprio qui i Salesiani costituiscono, spesso, l’unico punto di riferimento per uomini e donne appartenenti a fedi diverse.
Il Rettor Maggiore Don Ángel Fernández Artime è un vero “costruttore di Pace”; con il suo ruolo di Guida e Maestro dell’intera Famiglia Salesiana – i Salesiani, le Figlie di Maria Ausiliatrice ed i Cooperatori – alimenta e diffonde con umiltà e complicità la speranza nei giovani che devono porsi nei confronti della vita come “Cacciatori del Positivo” e diffondere il “Vero”, il “Bello” e il “Buono” quale fondamento del vivere civile, religioso e sociale.

Awarding Ceremony
Rome, 19 october 2016

Mediterranean Award "Special Edition" - 2013
Mahmūd Abbās, Abū Māzen
President of PALESTINE

President Mahmūd Abbās (Abū Māzen) has been the architect of constructive dialogue in the fraught peace process between Israel and Palestine.
Thanks to his commitment, together with that of the entire Palestinian population, he has succeeded in achieving the grant of Observer State for Palestine before the United Nations, laying down the foundation stones for statehood of the State of Palestine, so that it can be free to enjoy its own territory in a spirit of peace and cooperation with its neighbouring States.
As an accomplished negotiator, he has taken dialogue beyond the confines of those involved the Peace Process itself, successfully advocating that the only way forward is through peaceful coexistence both in the Middle East and throughout the rest of the world.

Awarding Ceremony
Naples, 28 April 2013

Mediterranean Award "Special Edition" - 2011
to Luigi De Magistris
Mayor of Naples, ITALY

Naples is one of the great capitals, which, during the course of history, has been able to “Think European” and “Breathe in a Mediterranean Way”.
In the new geopolitical context generated particularly by changes in the Countries of the Southern Shore of the Mediterranean, the City of Naples - which has witnessed integration and coexistence among diverse identities for centuries - has taken on decisive role in changing the course of history.
This acknowledgement is both an act of esteem and a challenge so that the City of Naples, under the guidance of its Mayor Luigi di Magistris, can actively “Think European” and “Breathe in a Mediterranean Way” as a city founded on active competences and social participation.

Awarding Ceremony
Naples, 23 september 2011

Mediterranean Award "Special Edition" - 2009
to Fès Festival of World Sacred Music
President Mohammed Kabbaj, MAROCCO

The Fez Festival of World Sacred Music represents one of the most important events in the world for the promotion of dialogue among different societies, cultures and religions. Thanks to the work of Mohammed Kabbaj it is an instrument for the construction of development and peace through the creation of a great coalition of shared values and interests.

Awarding Ceremony
Fès, 27 May 2009

Mediterranean Award "Special Edition" - 2007
to S.M. Rania Al-Abdullah
Queen of the Hashemite Kingdom of JORDAN

For Her constant work in defending the rights of children and safeguarding those of future generations, for Her commitment to endorsing women’s rightful role in society, attaining their legal and civil rights, protecting the education of young women and finally for Her constant engagement to integrate the different components of Arab societies into the global process.

Awarding Ceremony
Rome, 9 February 2007

Mediterranean Award "Special Edition" - 2005
to Hasna El Becharia

A free and upright woman, Hasna comes from the South of the Algerian Sahara. Daughter of a family of gnawi musicians, she performs pop music mixed with her own compositions, accompanied by electric or classic guitar or by guembri. Her music expresses different artistic and spiritual forms and, at the same time, in a play of background and mutual protagonism, it allows different individual expressions and the synergy of an expert choral quality, producing different rhythms and tunes, where the aim of a common concert is only possible thanks to the motivation of a production where the ensemble is not given by a succession of reciprocally tolerant pieces.

Awarding Ceremony
Naples, 6 January 2005

Mediterranean Award "Special Edition" - 2003
to Naguib Mahfouz
Nobel Prize for Literature, EGYPT

For the intensity of his inspiration and the quality of his style. Because through his art he has portrayed, with true emotion and integrity, the lives of humble inhabitants of the poorest neighbourhoods of his city. For his literary creativity which went beyond and has created for over fifty years a true “Arab human comedy”. For his capacity to go beyond the simple description of behaviours and habits and to transform it into an epopee of the human soul. For his courageous refusal of any fanaticism and exclusion. For the great contribution given to the international spreading of contemporary Arab literature. For his significant participation in the construction of a 21st Century humanism in the wake of Mediterranean historical knowledge.


“I get this acknowledgment from Michele Capasso: a ’peace builder’, able to turn the ’Love for Power’ into the ’Power of Love’”.

Awarding Ceremony
Cairo, 18 October 2003