A Prize to the two Presidents, in acknowledgement of an essential action for the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership
The President of the European Parliament Pat Cox and the President of Moroccan Parliament Abdelwahd Radi have been the author of a careful and patient work which has led to the institution of the Euro-Mediterranean Parliamentary Assembly. In fact., on December 2nd 2003, the Forum instituted after Barcelona Process was transformed into this Assembly.

In acknowledgement of an essential action carried out for the democratic development in the Euro-Mediterranean area, the Ad Hoc Commission of the Accademia del Mediterraneo awarded the Mediterranean Institutions Award 2003 to Presidents Cox and Radi. The solemn ceremony took place in Athens on March 23rd 2004, at the end of the first Euro-Mediterranean Parliamentary Assembly. The newly-elected President of the Assembly, the Egyptian Fathi Sorour, thanked President Capasso for the high acknowledgement and emphasized the essential role played by the Fondazione Laboratorio Mediterraneo for the dialogue between cultures and societies in the Euro-Mediterranean area. 

The event is part of the planned activities for the 10th Year Anniversary of Fondazione Laboratorio Mediterraneo.