At a solemn ceremony, which took place in Marseille at the PACA Regional Headquarters, President Michele Capasso together with the President of the PACA Region Michele Vauzelle and Minister Plenipotentiary Stefano Queirolo Palmas (Central Deputy Director of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs), awarded the “2013 Mediterranean award for Civil Society to General Union for Cultural Centers of Gaza represented by its Director General Yousri Darwish
Those attending the ceremony included Leila Shahid (Palestinian Ambassador to the European Union), Aliki Moschis (Member of the Anna Lindh Foundation Consultative Committee), Lamia Radi (Cultural Director of Cooperation of  MfA-Morocco and member of the Anna Lindh Foundaton Consultative Committee), Paolo Segala (ALF Italian Network) and representatives of national networks of the ALF.

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