In 1996, the Fondazione Mediterraneo instituted the Mediterranean Awards (with various categories) that are granted every year to eminent personalities from the worlds of arts and culture, politics and science and social disciplines, whose actions have contributed to reducing tensions, breaking down cultural barriers and developing shared values in the Greater Mediterranean.

This Award is considered one of the most prestigious acknowledgements in the world.

Various events are associated with the Mediterranean Award, such as the “Euro-Mediterranean Concert for Dialogue Among Cultures” and the “Epiphany Concert” (organized by the Cultural Centre “Oltre il Chiostro” in collaboration with the Fondazione Mediterraneo. The latter event is broadcast by RaiUno and Rai International throughout the world every year on the morning of January 6th).



Premio Mediterraneo "Medaglia d'Onore Istituzioni" - 2022
a Ennio De Rosa

Notary Ennio de Rosa generously made his professionalism and expertise available to achieve the establishment of the "UNITED STATES OF THE WORLD" and the subsequent approval of the "Constitution of the United States of the World", bringing together in two public acts the results of 35 years of commitment involving 181 countries around the world.
For this he was awarded the "Mediterranean Award" in recognition of his action in favour of peace.


Awarding Ceremony
Naples, 18 november 2022

Notary Ennio de Rosa received the "Mediterranean Award Medal of Honour for Institutions - 2022".
The ceremony took place in Naples at the headquarters of the "United States of the World".
The prestigious award, consisting of the work "Totem for Peace" by sculptor Mario Molinari, was presented by Secretary General Michele Capasso and International Committee President Massimo Pica Ciamarra.

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The award ceremony of the "Mediterranean-Sum Diplomacy Award" to Ambassador Moez Sinaoui was held at the Farnesina.
The award was presented by Senator Stefania Craxi, President of the Foreign Affairs Commission of the Senate of the Italian Republic, and Prof. Michele Capasso, Secretary General of the United States of the World and President of the Fondazione Mediterraneo.
Present at the ceremony were:

  • Inigo Lambertini, Ambassador - Head of the Diplomatic Ceremonial of the Republic;
  • Manuela Ruosi, Head of Office I of the Diplomatic Ceremonial of the Republic;
  • Abdelkrim Touahria, Algerian Ambassador to Italy;
  • Enas Mekkaury, Head of the Mission of the League of Arab States in Italy;
  • Alfredo Conte, Minister Plenipotentiary - Central Director for Mediterranean and Middle Eastern Countries;
  • Raimondo De Cardona, former Italian Ambassador to Tunisia;
  • Fabrizio Saggio, Italian Ambassador to Tunisia;
  • Leila El Houssi, Professor of African History - University "La Sapienza";
  • Gualsiero Zamperini, Consul of Tunisia in Florence.

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The "MEDITERRANEAN AWARD MEDAL OF HONOR FOR SCIENCE AND RESEARCH 2021" consisting of the work "Totem of Peace" by the sculptor Mario Molinari was awarded to Dr. Maria Rosaria Lupone.
The motivation reads how the recognition was awarded for having dedicated their business without sparing themselves with passion, love, competence and dedication in the field of coagulation: in particular in the study of genetic thrombophilia.

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The "MEDITERRANEAN AWARD SPECIAL EDITION 2021" consisting of the work "Totem of Peace" by the sculptor Mario Molinari was awarded to Prof. BRUNO ZUCCARELLI, president of the Order of Doctors - Surgeons and Dentists of Naples and the Province.
The motivation reads how the recognition was awarded for the dedication and commitment of doctors in Naples and the Province during the Covid 19 pandemic, saving lives.
President Zuccarelli recalled the 40 doctors who were victims of Covid 19, an example of dedication and sacrifice to help others.
President Capasso, as part of the initiatives linked to the Mediterranean Award, announced that special recognition will be given to the memory of the Italian doctors who died from Covid 19, starting from Naples and its province: not to forget!

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