The Mediterranean Laboratory Foundation, which was instituted with the aim to undertake humanitarian initiatives in favour of the Countries of ex Yugoslavia, after awarding, during the last few years, the “Premio Sarajevo” and the “Premio Internazionale Laboratorio Mediterraneo” to representatives of the world of culture, has instituted the “Premio Mediterraneo di Pace”, awarded this year to Kiro Gligorov, President of the Republic of Macedonia.
On this occasion, international juries also awarded him the title "Ambassador of the United States of the World".

A great figure of European anti-fascism and of the liberation war in the Balkans, Grigorov is the politician who, through his action and his prestige in the Yugoslav Federation, has been able to prevent the tragic “drift” experienced by similar European regimes. Through his action and his writings, he has always defended the principles of human rights, of the equality of citizens, of democratic expression, even when these ideas were accepted only by a very small minority of people.

This Prize intends to acknowledge the clear views, the political coherence and determination, the courage that Gligorov has always shown, since the establishment of the new Yugoslav situation after the war, in stating his guiding principles even when they were not in accordance with current policy. He is an example of these ideas and principles and has also been able to make Macedonia an example.