On January 4th 2002, at the Teatrino di Corte of the Royal Palace in Naples, was held the ceremony to award the “Premio Mediterraneo”.
The Fondazione Laboratorio Mediterraneo, with the Mediterranean Academy – Maison de la Méditerranée – in collaboration with the Regione Campania, the Province of Benevento, the Municipality of Naples, Il Corriere della Sera, El Mundo, Il Denaro, la Rai, Il Centro Francescano di Cultura “Oltre il Chiostro”, the Landscape and Fine Arts Service of Naples and Province – conferred acknowledgements in the relevant sections of the Award.

The Mediterranean Award for Peace 2002 and the title of "Ambassador of the United States of the World" was assigned to the memory of the two journalists Maria Grazia Cutuli and Julio Fuentes killed in Afghanistan. Monica Garcia (Julio Fuentes' wife) and Donata Cutuli (Maria Grazia Cutuli's sister) attended the ceremony to receive the awards.