The President Fondazione MediterraneoMichele Capasso, together with Vittorio di Pace and Pia Molinari, welcomed Professor Corrado Beguinot presentino him with the “2012 Mediterranean Silver Dolphin Award” “for having dedicated  his long working life to scientific research and town planning experimentation at international level aimed at creating and promoting the idea of a European interethnic cabled city.

The Fondazione Aldo Della Rocca is the precursor to the new cabled interethnic era and the basis for peace in the world in which all peoples can unite in kindred spirit as a united people in a united city”.

Members of the Fondazione Mediterraneo took part together with representatives from different countries including diplomats and dignitaries from the world of culture, science, politics, religion and the armed forces, the Mayors of the Amalfi Coast (UNESCO cultural heritage) who support and promote the “Totem for Peace” (by Mario Molinari).

Those attending included

Director General of UNESCO, Irina Bokova, Director General of ALECSO, Mohamed-El Aziz Ben Achour, Ambassador Francesco Caruso, World President of ICOMOS Gustavo Araoz, Italian President of ICOMOS Maurizio De Stefano, Quebec Representative in Rome Daniela  RenostoCorrado BeguinotVittorio di Pace, and Claudio Azzolini.

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