The awarding ceremony for the Mediterranean Awards 2010 took place on 13th of June 2010 at the Theatre of San Carlo in Naples.

The Fondazione Mediterraneo awarded H.E. Mgr. Luigi Padovese, vicar apostolic of Anatolia with the Mediterranean Award for Culture - the "Totem of Peace" by sculptor Mario Molinari - but unfortunately his sudden death stopped the symbolic acknowledgment of his peace path.

Neverthless, we did not want to leave Mgr. Padovese’s commitment memory pending and in an extraordinary meeting the Council of the Fondazione Mediterraneo decided to establish a section of the Award devoted to the memory of that man who, keeping silent and carrying the value of his work, was able to represent the power of understanding to the inter-religious and cultural dialogue to bring a message of nobility and heart to difficult areas.
The award was claimed by H.E. the Cardinal Crescenzio Sepe, Archibishop of Naples.