During a ceremony held at the Museum of Peace - MAMT was awarded to all the poets of Israel the "Mediterranean Award for Poetry" 2018.
Vincenzo De Lucia, Vice President of Poets for Peace, has reviewed the stages of the Award and mentioned some of the previous assignees: among them the writers of the former Yugoslavia Sidran Abdulah and Izet Sarajlic and the American L. Ron Hubbard. Immediately thereafter, the Awarding Ceremony for 2018 was introduced in favor of all Israeli poets.
In the motivations we read: "On the occasion of the 70th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the 30th Anniversary of the Mediterranean Foundation, the International Committee has deliberated the award of the Mediterranean Award 2018 in favor of all the Israeli poets engaged in the promotion of a culture of peace.
The award will be presented in Israel during an important event.
Secretary General Michele Capasso awarded certificates of "Standard Bearers of the United States of the World" to the poets present.