"World Environment Day" celebrated at the Museum of Peace - MAMT. Some young people - welcomed at a safe distance and with the procedures and guidelines on social distancing - have connected with young people all over the world on the museum's multimedia platform to sound the alarm for the defense of the earth and the environment.
On this occasion, President Capasso donated the volume "This good land of ours" written by Maria Pia Giudici, who recently passed away.
World Environment Day was established by the United Nations General Assembly on December 15, 1972 with Resolution 2994.
The date was chosen to remember the first United Nations Conference on the environment held in Stockholm from 5 to 16 June 1972, it was on this occasion that the Stockholm Declaration was adopted which defined the 26 principles on human rights and responsibilities in relation to the environment.
World environment day 2020 had biodiversity as its theme, which also passes through the mitigation of climate change. The 46th edition has as its motto "Time for nature" which literally translated says it is "the time for Nature". We can not help but protect nature, the only one capable of purifying the air and producing energy

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A series of live concerts start streaming from the Museum of Peace - MAMT with the most important artists. Ciccio Merolla with the magical sounds of his percussion opens this series of events with the concert "SOUNDS FOR PEACE".

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The fourteenth of the anniversaries is dedicated to the twenty-sixth anniversary of the death of Massimo Troisi.
The anniversary coincides with the reopening of the Museum after the quarantine due to the covid 19 pandemic.
At 10, in full compliance with the security measures, many visitors visited the Museum and, in particular, the section dedicated to "Pino Daniele" where unpublished videos of the great musician and great actor, always fraternal friends, are kept.
Many students then connected on the museum's multimedia portal where - in the section "The great protagonists of history" - videos, images and documents on Massimo Troisi are available.
"The farewell 26 years ago: it was June 4, 1994," recalls President Capasso, a friend of Massimo Troisi and Pino Daniele.
If one is born in San Giorgio a Cremano (on the outskirts of Naples but in the heart of a devastated suburb, still in the countryside, not yet a city) and grows up in a small and overcrowded house (five brothers, two parents, two grandparents and five grandchildren), or is called Massimo Troisi or resigns to anonymity since childhood.
"Massimo decided to honor his name and to fight against a difficult fate, exacerbated from his youth by painful rheumatic fevers that produced heart failure to the mitral valve that would have been fatal to him at just 41 years old" recalls Capasso.

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From 3th June the "Museum of Peace - MAMT’’ reopens with ‘’Your Emotions’’ for a safe visit. Reservations are required on time slots by calling 340 806 29 08

The “Museum” restarts from “Security”.

The organizational procedures will ensure the safety of visitors as required by the guidelines:

  • the ticket will be exclusively digital;
  • at the entrance to the Museum, body temperature will be detected, indicating as the limit threshold for entry at 37.5 ° C;
  • inside the building it will be essential to wear personal protective equipment (mask);
  • information panels and indicators for distancing will be set up in the visit itinerary;
  • in some places in the rooms there will be dispensers with disinfectant gel.

The news of the visit itinerary.

From 3 June the restyling of the "MOSQUE" and the space dedicated to "ANCIENT EGYPT", the entire floor dedicated to "PINO DANIELE", the "NOT TO FORGET" space dedicated to the victims of the pandemic and solidarity, the videos "THE CAMPANIA OF EMOTIONS" and other "EMOTIONAL PATHS ".

The “Museum” starts again  from “Your Emotions”.

The museum starts with young people, from the territory, from the operators of culture: it begins again with students, schoolchildren, men and women religious, all those committed to enhancing a world heritage site.
The Museum has been closed for almost three months, but videos, emotional itineraries, anniversaries and our collections have continued to be transmitted on our platform and on our portal to make the commitment and importance of the Museum known in greater detail.
The unique beauties of Campania, Italy, Europe and the Mediterranean together with their common identity have traveled, albeit virtually, all over the world.
The reopening of June 3th offers a proposal of use in absolute safety with an emotional welcome. 

We are waiting for you !

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The thirteenth of anniversaries is dedicated to the thirtieth anniversary of the birth of San Giovanni Palo II.
The anniversary coincides with the partial reopening of the Museum after the quarantine due to the covid 19 pandemic.
At 7 am, in full compliance with the security measures, some faithful and visitors followed the Holy Mass celebrated in high definition on the big screens by Pope Francis from the altar placed on the tomb of St. Giovanni Palo II.
In the homily, the Pope recalled three of the qualities of Giovanni Palo II: prayer, closeness and justice-mercy.
Many students connected on the museum's multimedia portal where - in the section "The great protagonists of history" - videos, images and documents on St. Giovanni Palo II are available.
The chapel dedicated to him in the museum collects finds, testimonies, interviews and curiosities.
On this occasion, the interviews and all the video material on the much loved Pope are repeated.
President Michele Capasso recalled the friendship between President Pertini and Pope Giovanni Palo II as well as the meetings he had at the beginning of the Foundation's activity.
There are also some letters sent to the Pope by members of the Foundation and, in particular, by the late president of the international committee Predrag

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The Fondazione Mediterraneo supports Pope Francis and his message for the world refugee day.

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"To You": it is the sweet morning caress of Pope Francis when he elevates the offering of Bread and Wine to the Father. With a sweet and severe tone at the same time, the Pope encapsulates in two words, in only two vowels and one consonant, the pain and hopes of the world. At the end of the celebration, Adoration to the Holy Father Sacrament of the Holy Father opens everyone's deepest reflections to adoring silence.
The Museum Of Peace - MAMT continues its activity remotely and on digital platforms offers all the Holy Masses and Homilies of the Holy Father: to "Do not forget" and to understand the greatness and humility of Pope Francis.
Note the Pope's Easter message addressed to Europe.

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The Fondazione Mediterraneo and the Museum of Peace - MAMT celebrated the "50th World Earth Day" via the web and with numerous initiatives: video conferences, links, chats and - above all - sending 1,000 copies of the volume "This good land of ours" published in 2014 by the Foundation and written by Sister Maria Pia Giudici, disappeared on 20.02.2020 just on the day the coronavirus spread in Italy.
Through high-quality multimedia videos, a gift of the World Heritage Museum, it was possible to make a virtual journey across the 5 continents, giving voice to the peoples who daily guard our common home, living and fighting for the protection and recognition of rights of every people in every corner of the Earth.
In a world too often crushed by the European interpretation of the environment and its functions, the commitment of organizations and realities emerges which, by establishing positive relationships with nature, protect the original peoples who have always preserved the lung of the earth. They fight together with those who daily commit themselves to service and to promote conservation, of the Amazonian forests or of the Congo forest.
Taking care of these peoples means taking care of the entire ecosystem, of the world, of our common home.
The interrelation between the peoples of the earth is clear, the interdependence that makes us protagonists of a common destiny, which depends on the actions of men and women from every corner of the planet. With delicate ferocity, current events reveal the subtle but constant bond that makes us all part and architects of the future of our planet.
One people sharing one planet.
The virtual journey of the Museum of Peace - MAMT allows us to listen to those who daily protect the earth to protect each of us.
President Michele Capasso retraced the steps of his commitment to the land: at the age of 16, on April 22, 1970, he participated in the first edition of the world day. A commitment that for half a century has seen it spread, by all means, the alarm on the conditions of our common home, as evidenced by hundreds of reports and publications.
As I remember for Sister Maria Pia Giudici below the preface by the President Michele Capasso to the volume "This good land of ours"

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"On April 18, 1990 the Neapolitan editorial staff of "La Repubblica" was born.
On 9 May 1990 the "Fondazione Mediterraneo" was born in Naples.
Thirty years together.
An opportunity to recognize the value of independent, free, responsible information. An opportunity to tell a challenge for the Euro-Mediterranean partnership when nobody spoke or dealt with the Mediterranean and few supported the urgency of reaching the "United States of Europe": the Foundation immediately worked to develop a sensitivity for a effective integration between the two shores of Our Sea ".
These are the words of a message sent by President Michele Capasso to Ottavio Ragone, head of the Neapolitan editorial staff of "La Repubblica", also on behalf of the members of the Foundation, the representatives of the participating networks and the coordinators of the offices in the various countries.

"The two anniversaries - reads the message - occur in a difficult moment in world history, characterized by the health emergency due to the" crown virus "pandemic and by a paradox: the" cure "of this" disease "is exactly specular to our very "social disease" itself. We have been "affected" by our own disease of living, which has led us here: we are "united" if we isolate ourselves; it is the amplification of the desert that we created and built.
Thirty years ago the slogan of the Fondazione Mediterraneo was "All together to transform love for power into the power of love". Today it is still powerfully current - concludes President Capasso - and examples such as the Neapolitan editorial staff of "La Repubblica" are fundamental to ensuring "clean journalism" a leading role in the difficult process of reconstruction by assigning the complex generations of hunters to the younger generations of the positive and producers of our future ".

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The Museum of Peace - MAMT, with its multimedia platforms, hosted the "International Sports Day for Development and Peace" which this year underlines the need to remain active despite the implementation of containment measures in many countries at the to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. It reminds us of the importance of values ​​such as solidarity, community and team spirit.
As coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to affect more and more countries at an increasingly alarming rate, "social distancing" practices are becoming commonplace in an attempt to stem the spread of the virus. They have closed gyms, sports facilities and stadiums, public swimming pools, dance studios and playgrounds in many countries of the world, which means that many of us are no longer able to actively participate in individual or group sports or physical activities or to watch live sporting events. These new measures, although necessary, now represent significant challenges for the entire world sports community.
The "International Sports Day for Development and Peace" wants to encourage us this year to remain physically active despite the containment measures. This is an opportunity to remind us that we must not break off contact with our coaches, teammates or instructors, who can help us not only to stay in good physical shape, but also to maintain social ties.
The World Health Organization (WHO) typically recommends 150 minutes of moderate physical activity or 75 minutes of sustained physical activity per week or a combination of both. Given the current situation, the WHO has given some advice on how to do it even without equipment and in a limited space. There are also a multitude of free and accessible online tools designed to encourage people of all ages and physical abilities to stay active and mobile even at home!
"Sport has the power to change the world, bring people together in an almost unique way and create hope where there was only despair," said Nelson Mandela. It is not only a fundamental right, but also a powerful tool to strengthen social ties and promote peace, as well as solidarity and respect. Sport is also essential for sustainable development because it allows us to live a healthy life and promote the well-being of all, at all ages, as underlined by objective 3 of sustainable development "Good health and well-being", highlighted by the United Nations during the month of April.
However, sport can help us maintain good health even in this confinement period. Thanks to new technologies, our unique individual skills and our collective power, we can mobilize online, use our creativity to help us and share useful tips to improve our health and well-being, through sport and physical activity also from our homes .
Before, during and after April 6, International Sports Day for Development and Peace, we ask everyone to commit themselves to remain active despite the various restrictions in place and to show solidarity during this period. One of the things we learn most through sport is team play. We now have the opportunity and duty to put it into practice on a global scale, doing our part to stay healthy.
"Only together can we stop the spread of COVID-19" said President

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