The Museum of Peace - MAMT has organized the "World Poetry Day" on its multimedia platform, at this very difficult time for everyone.
Poetry reaffirms our common humanity by showing that people all over the world share the same questions and the same feelings. Poetry is the backbone of oral tradition and, over the centuries, has shown how it can communicate the deepest values ​​of different cultures.
In celebrating World Poetry Day on March 21, the United Nations Organization for Education, Science and Culture (UNESCO) recognizes the unique ability of poetry to reflect the creative spirit of individuals.
One of the main objectives of the day is to support the linguistic and cultural diversity of our societies through poetic expression and to offer languages ​​that risk disappearing the possibility of being listened to within their communities.
The celebration of World Poetry Day also aims to:

  • encourage a return to the oral tradition of poetry recitals;
  • promote the teaching of poetry;
  • re-establish a dialogue between it and other arts such as theater, dance, music and painting;
  • support small publishers;
  • create an attractive image of poetry in the media, so that the art of poetry is no longer considered as an obsolete art form, but which allows society as a whole to find and affirm its own identity.

Celebrated on March 21 of each year, the World Poetry Day pays tribute to one of the most ancient and precious forms of expression and to the cultural and linguistic identities of humanity. Practiced throughout history - in every culture and every continent - poetry speaks to our humanity and our common values, transforming the simplest poems into a powerful catalyst for dialogue and peace.
The decision to proclaim World Poetry Day on March 21 was first adopted in 1999, on the occasion of the 30th session of UNESCO in Paris. The primary objective is to support linguistic diversity through poetic expression and increase the chances of languages ​​at risk of being heard.
World Poetry Day is an opportunity to honor the authors of poetry and to promote and practice reading, writing and teaching poetry, in particular by giving it greater visibility in the media. Poetry continues to bring people together across continents and generations.

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On the occasion of the XXVa Day of Remembrance and Commitment in memory of the innocent victims of the mafias - promoted by Libera and supported, among others, by the Mediterranean Foundation - for the first time in 25 years we are not together to color the squares of Italy.
In these difficult days where it is essential to stay at home, we did not want to let our family embrace the innocent victims of the mafia. And the memory does not stop as the memory of all the innocent victims of the mafias does not stop. March 21 was never an end in itself but always the stage of a commitment that lasts 365 days a year in schools, universities, associations, parishes and wherever citizens live that responsibility for the common good that it is the first antidote to the evil of the mafias and corruption. The innocent victims of the mafias don't just want to be remembered.
They want us to continue their efforts, to fulfill their hopes. Remembering, bringing the lives of people torn from their families back to the heart, realizing, in fact, a right to the name and the memory that has no "civil" but ethical, human, solidarity content: fundamental values ​​of a community capable of building a process of Memory.
For this reason, it was decided to celebrate the day through a social campaign. Through the web and social networks, all the innocent victims of the mafias were remembered, their stories, their names and our closeness to all the family members of the innocent victims of the mafias.
During the XXVa Day of Remembrance and Commitment, Saturday 21 March 2020 starting from 9 am, it was asked to create a flower, choose from the list on the VIVI website the name of an innocent victim of the mafias, take a picture and post it on social media.
So it was.

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The Museum of Peace - MAMT organized the "World Happiness Day" on the multimedia platform.
Since 2013, the United Nations has celebrated International Happiness Day on March 20 because happiness and well-being are two universal aspirations worldwide and it is important to take them into account in the public action program. Since then, the United Nations has adopted a new agenda for sustainable development, articulated on 17 sustainable development goals, as well as a global agreement on climate change.
On the occasion of International Happiness Day, the United Nations invites the Member States, international and regional organizations, as well as civil society and the general public to celebrate this day by organizing educational activities and awareness-raising campaigns.

The United Nations General Assembly proclaimed International Happiness Day on March 20 in Resolution A / RES / 66/281 of July 12, 2012. The Organization therefore recognizes that happiness and well-being should be taken into account in political objectives. It also recognizes the need to adopt economic growth in a broader, more equitable and balanced way which promotes sustainable development, the elimination of poverty and the happiness and well-being of all peoples.
This resolution is the result of an initiative by Bhutan, a country that has favored the Gross National Happiness Index over that of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) since the 1970s. It was also on the initiative of the government of Bhutan that senior officials and representatives of religious organizations, universities and civil society met in 2012 at the United Nations headquarters to discuss new ways of measuring well-being and happiness by going beyond a purely paradigm. cheap.


  • Resolution A / RES / 66/281
  • Dag Hammarskjöld Library - English-speaking guide to happiness
  • The universal declaration of human rights
  • Sustainable development goals
  • Human Development Report (2019)
  • World Population Status (2019)
  • The state of the world's children (2019)

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Today the museum would have hosted the official meeting "The feeling is safe", on the occasion of the birthday-name of Pino Daniele.
Many activities planned with the "Pino Daniele Trust", postponed after the "Corona Virus" emergency.
Our thoughts go NOW to the victims and to those who are committed to saving lives.

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On the occasion of the celebration of the 15 years since the establishment of the "Moroccan Agricultural Engineers Association" (AMEIA), an important forum is held in Rabat on the theme "Precision agriculture in the face of climate change: ways of adaptation and financing strategies".
The Mediterranean Foundation and the Anna Lindh Italy Federation - always sensitive to the issues of agriculture in its sustainability - participate and support this meeting as an example of good practice in the Mediterranean to promote, among other things, the digitalization of agriculture for a sustainable agriculture, economically competitive and interested in the protection of environmental resources.
This year, under the auspices of the Hassan ll Agronomic and Veterinary Institute and the Ministry of Agriculture, Maritime Fisheries, Rural Development, Water and Forests, the forum hosts six other forums in parallel representing the different sectors , demonstrating the enormous wealth and multidisciplinarity.
Through conferences, exhibitions and workshops, the forum is a place for exchange, learning, meeting between engineering students, engineers, guests and high-level companies

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Pope Francis in the homily this morning from Santa Marta called the world to the "ABYSS OF INDIFFERENCE".
We were in Lampedusa on 8 July 2013 when Pope Francis alerted the world to the "globalization of indifference", to our "inability to cry, to suffer with, to share the pain of others".
This morning the Pope took inspiration from the page of the Gospel that tells the episode of Lazarus and the rich man: the first was welcomed by Abraham into Heaven, the second suffered in the underworld pleading with Abraham to take him "to the other side". But Abraham replied "there is an abyss between us".
The Pope highlighted the short circuit between head and heart, between reason and emotion: we are all informed of the miseries and tragedies of the world, of the poor who are beside us but we are all indifferent, immersed in "ABYSS OF INDIFFERENCE".
In this way we lose our identity, lost in a meaningless egoism, we entrust our evaluations "permeated only in the culture of adjectives: the rich, the powerful, the landowner ...".
In this way we are all nameless, insignificant.
Years ago, with our dear Sister Maria Pia Giudici - who disappeared a few days ago - we were commenting on this page of the Gospel and the considerations were similar to those of Pope Francis today.
"Humanity needs a shock - Sister Maria Pia said to me - to take on a NEW POSTURE in life: able to open our eyes and heart to the poor, the needy, the refugees".
And immediately after he stroked some Syrian refugee children hosted in San Biagio.
I believe that the difficulties of these days must make us reflect on how life can change in a single instant and how indispensable it is to "change posture": helping the most needy, respecting the land that welcomes us, sharing the available resources without useless hoarding that they bring, today, 20% of the inhabitants of the earth to own 80% of resources and goods.
The experience of this historical period - unique for many of us - must lead us to review our life even in small daily actions, to transform LOVE FOR POWER into the POWER OF LOVE

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The Fondazione Mediterraneo and the Anna Lindh Italia Federation participate in the NCCC Lisbon Conference dedicated to recent trends, threats and best practices in the field of information security.

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The Museum of Peace - MAMT remains closed until April 3, 2020 as provided by the Prime Ministerial Decree of April 8, 2020 (art.2, paragraph "d").
The emotional pathways and most of the videos "The Campania of emotions" are available on the porta and on the "Youtube" channel of the Museum.

The Direction

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The Fondazione Mediterraneo, the Federazione Anna Lindh Italia and other member organizations and associations celebrated the Women's Day at the Museum of Peace - MAMT with a special guest from Romania.
Despite the restrictions due to the spread of the coronavirus, thanks to the video conferencing systems present in the various floors of the museum, it was possible to connect with various Euro-Mediterranean countries and, in particular, with those participating in the "Kimiyya" program launched in 2017 by the Mediterranean Foundation.
President Capasso thanked the women of the various countries that collaborated and, in particular, all the women involved in the front line in the treatment of the patients caused by the spread of the coronavirus epidemic

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The Museum of Peace - MAMT hosted on the multimedia platform the "World Nature Day" dedicated to the priceless value of wildlife.
The president Michele Capasso recalled, moved, the recent death of Sister Maria Pia Giudici and the volume published by the Foundation "This good land of ours".
Cpasso highlighted the uniqueness of the day of the disappearance - 20.02.2020, h.20 - and the coincidence with the beginning in Italy of the coronavirus infection.
"A warning to respect the earth, to protect it and to integrate with creation".
On this occasion, Michele Capasso's film “MARIA PIA GIUDICI. JOY IN A SIMPLE LIFE ": among the words of Sister Maria Pia the declamation of an ancient Arab proverb:
"On a black night, on a black stone, a black ant: God sees it."
Wild fauna and flora have an intrinsic value and contribute to human well-being and sustainable development, through many aspects: ecological, scientific, educational, cultural, recreational, aesthetic.
World Wildlife Day is an opportunity to celebrate the many beautiful and varied forms of wild flora and fauna and to raise awareness of the multitude of benefits that its conservation brings to people. This day also reminds us of the urgent need to step up the fight against wildlife crime and the reduction in the number of species, which have a significant impact in economic, environmental and social terms. This is one of the objectives of sustainable development.
The 2020 theme, "Maintaining all forms of life on Earth", takes into account all the animal and plant species that make up biodiversity, as well as the livelihoods of human beings, especially those who live closest to nature. Stresses the importance of the sustainable use of natural resources to achieve the United Nations' sustainable development goals, including the oceans, land life, the fight against poverty and responsible consumption and production.
The Earth is home to countless species of flora and fauna - too many to try to count. We depend on the interaction between all these elements of the biosphere for all our needs: the air we breathe, the food we eat, the energy we use and the materials we need. However, unsustainable human activities and overexploitation of species and natural resources threaten global biodiversity. Almost a quarter of all species are currently at risk of disappearance in the coming decades.
During the year, considered decisive for biodiversity, numerous important world events will bring biodiversity to the fore. 2020 offers a unique opportunity to make transformative progress for the conservation and sustainable use of wild animal and plant species

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