Michèle Rubirola the first female mayor of the City of Marseille elected on 4 July 2020, of Neapolitan origin - visited the United States of the World headquarters.
Accompanied by Karim Hammoumraoui, Director of External Relations of the City of Marseille, she was welcomed by Secretary-General Michele Capasso.
On this occasion, the intense activities carried out since 2000 with the City of Marseille, which proposed itself as the first headquarters of the international institution, were recalled.
Memorable was the "Rentrée solennelle" of the United States of the World held in Marseille on 6 July 2000 with the participation of Heads of State and Government of various countries.
At the conclusion of the meeting, it was planned to continue the concrete collaboration with a series of initiatives involving cities for ecological conversion and dialogue for peace: fundamental pillars of the mission of the United States of the World.