The professor Michele Capasso - Secretary-General of the "United States of the World" and president of the "Fondazione Mediterraneo" - addressed, as usual, a message for the new year 2023.
The hope is that in this year we can reach a truce and then peace in Israel, Palestine, Ukraine and in other parts of the world through the enhancement of diversity.
“Only by tackling, solving and harmonizing diversity, conditions of misery, ignorance and injustice in the world - says prof. Capasso - it is possible to extinguish hotbeds of discord, riot, hatred; it must be understood that diversities, if harmonized, constitute a strength and a source of enrichment for all humanity, complementing each other instead of opposing each other. It is not a question of pursuing a system of universal harmony, as Fourier or Leibnitz wished, because we started from a pre-established universal harmony: the great inequalities existing between our brothers and sisters scattered throughout the world require our commitment to harmonize them. On this theme it is worth proposing an example: if in an orchestra everyone played on their own, a 'cacophony' would arise; if all the instruments were identical, it would be 'monotony'; the inequality of instruments and the harmonization of sounds is much better to arrive at a great ‘universal symphony’”.

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