Alaa Al Aswani and the book “Nostro Mare Nostro”

During a meeting in Naples, the writer Alaa Al Aswani stressed the importance of the book  “Nostro Mare Nostro” written by Michele Capasso.
“A unique testimony of true life, of personal experience.  A rare example of care for  common well-being ”.  These are Alaa Al Aswani’s words at the end of the meeting.

The book Nostro Mare Nostro

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Presentation of Alaa Al Aswani’s Book “La Rivoluzione Egiziana”

During a meeting at Feltrinelli Bookshop in Naples there was the presentation of Alaa Al Aswani’s book “La rivoluzione egiziana” (The Egyptian Revolution), published by  Feltrinelli.
On that  occasion president Capasso recalled his long-standing friendship with the writer as well as the numerous battles carried out together in favour of freedom and democracy in Egypt and in Arab countries.

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The memory and the future: the South, the Mediterranean, the World

Round Tables with the  winners of the XXVII edition of the Award Sele d’Oro Mezzogiorno

The Fondazione Mediterraneo took part in the round table.

Supporting Citizenship and Meeting Minorities – Research on “Arab Springs and Northern-Western Italy” edited by Paralleli Institute in Turin

Within the framework of the Common Operation of Anna Lindh Foundation Italian Network Supporting Citizenship and Meeting Minorities, the Fondazione Mediterraneo has financed a study on ARAB SPRINGS AND NORTHERN-WESTERN ITALY: Perceptions, Doubts, Hopes.

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President Capasso among the promoters of the new Moroccan Constitution

President Michele Capasso, who has always supported the policy of democratic renewal in Morocco, is one of the promoters of the new constitution as well as “testimonial” of the Kingdom of Morocco.
“An epoch-making moment – says Mr. Capasso – which gives back to the Moroccan People the democratic role required to promote reforms and equality in shared  development”.

M. Capasso witnessing report

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Libya: the Fondazione Mediterraneo makes an appeal to the world

President Michele Capasso, together with  intellectuals, politicians and diplomats who are  members of  Fondazione Mediterraneo, launches an appeal to put an end to the massacres caused by Colonel Qaddafi’s folly .
“Thousands of innocent victims, especially children, are the result of the folly of a  dictator who – with the complicity of those who only pursue the ’”Love for Power and Money ” – is destroying his own people as well as violating human dignity”.
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Supporting Citizenship and Meeting Minorities – Event “Revolutionary Bodies – both in art and in Arab Mediterranean Land”. Edited by “Carovana” Association – Sound Movement Image.

Within the framework of the Common Operation organized by the Italian Network of Anna Lindh Foundation  Supporting Citizenship and Meeting Minorities, the Fondazione Mediterraneo financed the events Revolutionary Bodies – both in art and in Arab Mediterranean land, edited by  “Carovana” Association – Sound Movement Image.
The project Revolutionary Bodies has been realized according to the aims of the Italian Network of Anna Lindh Foundation within the framework of the common operation  “Supporting citizenship, meeting minorities”.
The activities took place from 9th through 11th August at Berchidda, within the context of the Festival Time in Jazz, and from 6th through 9th August at  Asinara Island. They included: meetings, laboratories, film projections, installations and artistic performances.

The programme

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Time in Jazz

Bodies Revolution

The press release (August 9) Time in Jazz

National Meeting ALF Italian Network

The National Meeting of the ALF Italian Network took place in Naples at Fondazione Mediterraneo.

President of Fondazione Mediterraneo Michele Capasso made an opening speech welcoming the participants, then Andreu Claret, Executive Director of the "Anna Lindh" Foundation intervened, in video-conference, illustrating the new ALF guidelines. Claret also congratulated the Italian Network for the quantity and the quality of the activities carried out.

Various proposals have been examinated including one to concentrate scarce resources on relevant initiatives useful to solve problems arised from the latest revolutions in Arab countries.

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Meeting with Milan Archibishop Angelo Scola

Michele Capasso, Pia Molinari and members of Fondazione Mediterraneo congratulated with the new Arcibishop of  Milan Angelo Scola, former Venice Patriarch, which joined to Rome to the ceremony for the assignment of Mediterranean Award for Interreligious Dialogue assigned  to Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem Fouad Twal.

The house which cannot forget colours

On the pages of “La Stampa” newspaper has been published an article titled “The House which cannot forget colours” about the House of Mario Molinari, creator of Totem for Peace.


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