The spreading of terrorism on a planetary scale, the stalemate of the peace-keeping process and the ecological risks impose concrete efforts to meet new challenges: political, cultural, economic, social and environmental ones.

The Fondazione Mediterraneo has been concerned with these subjects, since 1994, working for the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership (Union for the Mediterranean) and for the development of the relations between  Europe and the Arab World through actions aiming at promoting dialogue between the different cultures.

In order to strengthen relations and cooperation between Europe and the Arab World – especially at a moment when the global crisis and the increasing tensions in the Middle East risk to stop the dialogue started by social and institutional actors - it is indispensable to promote an organic reflection and to valorize the examples of good practices, so as to make the best use of the available resources.

For these reasons the Fondazione Mediterraneo – together with the League of the Arab States and other institutional partners from European and Arab World Countries - has decided to establish the Maison des Alliances,  whose  primary aim is to promote, in the global scene, the neighbourhood among the Peoples of Europe, of the Mediterranean and of the Arab World by dissemination of knowledge and of centuries-old historical-cultural  memories, in order to strengthen  community and solidarity feelings, as well as raising awareness of shared  values and interests.

The President of the Abdulaziz Al Saud-Babtain Foundation, the poet Abdulaziz Al-Saud Babtain, visited the Maison des Alliances where President Capasso offered a lunch in his honor.

After thanking President Michele Capasso for his welcome, he expressed his satisfaction for the noble action given for a quarter of a century to foster dialogue between the Islamic Arab world and the West.
The visit included - among others - Kuwait National Vice President Mubarak Al-Khurainej, Kuwait Ambassador to Italy Sheikh Ali Al-Khaled Al-Sabah, Former Information Minister Sami Al- nisf as well as other guests including former Jordanian Prime Minister Taher Al-Masri, former Moroccan finance minister Mohamed Kabbaj, Dr. Mohammed Al-Rumaihi, Dr. Abdelhak Azzouzi and diplomat Abdulwahab Al-Babtain.
The delegation was immediately received at Palazzo San Giacomo by the Mayor of Naples, Luigi de Magistris.

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The ambassador of Saudi Arabia in Italy, Dr. Rayed Khalid A. Krimly has been hosted in the Maison des Alliances along with a delegation of the King Faisal Center for Research and Islamic Studies. Welcomed by the president Michele Capasso the Saudi ambassador praised the twenty five years activity done by the Fondazione and was really glad to met up with several guested of the Maison in order to build the peace in the world. The guests really appreciated the pastries offered by Antonio De Martino, owner of the “Chalet Ciro a Mergellina”.

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HRH prince Turki al Faisal al Saud was hosted in the Maison des Alliances, where he was welcomed by the  president Michele Capasso. The exponent of the Saudi royal house praised the twenty-five years work done by the Foundation and was really glad of met up with the several guests of the Maison and who are fighting for the peace in the world.
“I will remember for the rest of my life the warness, the generosity, the quality of this amazing house”, he said at the end of his stay.

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L'ambasciatore del Kuwait a Roma Sheikh Ali Khalid Al-Jaber Al-Sabah è stato ospite alla Maison des Alliances con una delegazione del Kuwait.
Accolto dal  presidente della Fondazione, Michele Capasso, che lo ha ricevuto con Pia Molinari ed il prof. Antonio Capuano, Sheikh Ali è stato informato sulle varie attività della Maison e sulle pagine di storia scritte tra queste mura in vent’anni di attività per la pace e il dialogo.
All’ambasciatore è stato offerto un esemplare del “Totem della Pace” di Mario Molinari con dedica in occasione della visita ufficiale.
Al termine dell’incontro, all’ambasciatore è stata offerta - dal titolare Antonio De Martino - una coppa del famoso gelato dello “Chalet Ciro a Mergellina”, che il diplomatico ha definito il “Maradona del Gelato nel mondo”.

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