The spreading of terrorism on a planetary scale, the stalemate of the peace-keeping process and the ecological risks impose concrete efforts to meet new challenges: political, cultural, economic, social and environmental ones.

The Fondazione Mediterraneo has been concerned with these subjects, since 1994, working for the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership (Union for the Mediterranean) and for the development of the relations between  Europe and the Arab World through actions aiming at promoting dialogue between the different cultures.

In order to strengthen relations and cooperation between Europe and the Arab World – especially at a moment when the global crisis and the increasing tensions in the Middle East risk to stop the dialogue started by social and institutional actors - it is indispensable to promote an organic reflection and to valorize the examples of good practices, so as to make the best use of the available resources.

For these reasons the Fondazione Mediterraneo – together with the League of the Arab States and other institutional partners from European and Arab World Countries - has decided to establish the Maison des Alliances,  whose  primary aim is to promote, in the global scene, the neighbourhood among the Peoples of Europe, of the Mediterranean and of the Arab World by dissemination of knowledge and of centuries-old historical-cultural  memories, in order to strengthen  community and solidarity feelings, as well as raising awareness of shared  values and interests.


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The President of the International Committee and co-founder of the Fondazione Mediterraneo and the Maison des Alliances, Predrag Matvejevic’ retraced the history of the Maison and remembered the eminent personalities that have stayed there, as well as the pages of history that have been written within its walls.

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The Fondazione Mediterraneo was host to eminent personalities from the world of culture, arts, science, politics and the armed forces on the occasion of the 2012 America’s Cup World Series.
The Maison des Alliances provided a unique panorama of the event, the walls of which record the last twenty years of its history of the Totem of Peace. The “Vela Rossa” (Red Sail) by Mario Molinari, has become the symbol of the America’s Cup in Naples.


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During a meeting at the Maison des Alliances, attended by personalities from the world of politics, diplomacy, arts and culture, as well as the armed forces, the architect Vittorio di Pace defined the President of the Fondazione Mediterraneo, Michele Capasso, as a modern superhero for having dedicated part of his life, profession and his own resources to promoting peace and dialogue among peoples.


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