The main actions of the Maison des Alliances include:

1. To host periodically and systematically - in a symbolically significant location - experts, persons responsible and decision-makers of institutions, international bodies, associations and institutionalized networks in order to: analyze the problems existing in their respective thematic areas; promote and valorize the examples of good practices; produce shared solutions having an immediate impact, taking into account and respecting the different views.

2. To draw up a paper consisting of 3 parts: analysis, indication of good  practices and recommendations. The paper – produced by international experts meeting at the Maison des Alliances upon suggestion of the scientific Council – shall be addressed to decision-makers and to the persons responsible for institutions and Governments and will be subject to a follow up, so as to monitor its operational impact.

3. To produce innovative thinking - to accompany and enrich MdA political and  strategic actions – through periodical meetings of the members of the “Pondering Committee” established by the  Fondazione Mediterraneo (made up of intellectuals, economists, artists, political decision-makers, etc.).

4. To create a file and a data bank – on paper support and on a website –containing documentation and information about the thematic areas dealt with.

5. To organize an annual plenary meeting of the  participants in the meetings of the different thematic areas.

6. To produce a “ Europe – Arab World Annual Report” to be used as reference by the decision-makers.

7. To organize, every two years, the Forum des Alliances: this event will see the participation of representatives of politics, associations, culture and economics coming from European and Arab Countries, to discuss a specific subject suggested by the Scientific Council.