The Federazione Anna Lindh Italia, not-for-profit, shares the aims of the Anna Lindh Foundation: created in 2004 by the European Commission together with the 42 Euro-Mediterranean countries.
The Federation's objective is to promote, support and implement the cultural and social interaction between Italy and the Euro-Mediterranean countries in various fields of action including: art, architecture, archaeology, environment, crafts, youth, women, human rights, migrants, crafts, employment, training, education, education, childhood, sports, interreligious dialogue, legality, music, food culture, empowerment, tradition, tourism, social solidarity, exchanges.
In particular, the Federation intends to implement initiatives in favour of young people, especially aimed at restoring their hope and confidence through the promotion of the "true",the "beautiful" and the "good”

Yemen, the most serious humanitarian crisis of our time.
The country is exhausted and the suffering suffered by the population has reached levels never seen before. The figures speak for themselves: 20.7 million people need humanitarian aid to survive.
Over 4 million people have been forced to flee their homes and are now displaced within national borders.
The escalation of the conflict has led to a dramatic increase in the prices of food and other raw materials.
Consequently, the main problem right now is the lack of food: around 16 million people suffer from hunger.
In some areas of the country, about 1 in 4 children suffer from acute malnutrition


  • Annalisa Camilli, journalist of Internazionale
  • Marco Rotunno, Senior Cluster Coordination Officer di UNHCR in Yemen


  • Laura Iucci, UNHCR Italy fundraising director

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"The threat reported in previous OMCOM Reports as" North African Jihadist Intelligence ", a name we put forward to facilitate the targeted identification of a reality devoid of acronyms, fluid, hybrid, finds fragments of" DNA "in previous acronyms particularly active in the past" : thus begins the analysis of Salvatore Calleri - president of the Caponnetto Foundation and of the Mediterranean Observatory on organized crime and mafias.

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In compliance with the distancing and the Covid 19 protocols, many students attended the Museum of Peace - MAMT to celebrate the "World Environment Day", now in its 47th edition this year.
The first was held in 1974 with the slogan "Only One Earth". Theme that has always set the tone for this anniversary, dedicated to critical awareness of the environment and its protection. The urgency, however, has increased year after year. In 1974, the overshoot day, that is, the day when we consumed the natural resources that the world is capable of regenerating in a year and we begin to "gnaw" those of the future, fell on November 27. This year, however, it will fall on July 29, two months earlier.
The students were able to see on the large video walls the message of the UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres who concluded on a positive note, inviting them to look to the future rather than the past, and calling for action
President Michele Capasso gave the students exemplary books of the book "This our good earth", written with the late Sister Maria Pia Giudici and stressed the need not to regret the havoc of the past but to think about the future: protecting creation, planting trees , making our cities green, changing our eating habits and depolluting the sea, coasts and waterways.
On this occasion, President Capasso presented the UNITED STATES OF THE WORLD program and the videos THE MEDITERRANEAN DIET and CILENTO EMOZIONI SENZA TEMPO to young people

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On the occasion of the “International Refugee Day” at the Museum of Peace MAMT, the Mediterranean Foundation commemorated 30 years of activity in favor of migrants and refugees. Many students from Neapolitan schools and the province - in compliance with the COvid 19 rules - visited the “Voices of Migrants” route and commented on the most touching and moving testimonies.
President Michele Capasso said:

"This Day is more heartfelt than ever due to the arrival in Italy of many refugees from Syria, Eritrea, Somalia and Ethiopia in transit to other European countries in search of a future. People fleeing wars and persecutions who bring their life here, to have a life. The stories of refugees belong to our culture and for this reason the MAMT Peace Museum has created an emotional journey dedicated to them: not to forget! ”.

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The Fondazione Mediterraneo co-organized the "Programming Peace in the Mediterranean" event with the ACLI and the Consulate of the Tunisian Republic in Naples.
Of particular significance was the speech by President Capasso who summarized 30 years of the Foundation for diaolgo and lapace and, in particular, the UNITED STATES OF THE WORLD program.

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