The Federazione Anna Lindh Italia, not-for-profit, shares the aims of the Anna Lindh Foundation: created in 2004 by the European Commission together with the 42 Euro-Mediterranean countries.
The Federation's objective is to promote, support and implement the cultural and social interaction between Italy and the Euro-Mediterranean countries in various fields of action including: art, architecture, archaeology, environment, crafts, youth, women, human rights, migrants, crafts, employment, training, education, education, childhood, sports, interreligious dialogue, legality, music, food culture, empowerment, tradition, tourism, social solidarity, exchanges.
In particular, the Federation intends to implement initiatives in favour of young people, especially aimed at restoring their hope and confidence through the promotion of the "true",the "beautiful" and the "good”

A few hours after the attacks in the two mosques in New Zealand, many members of the Fondazione Mediterraneo and of the FEDERAZIONE ANNA LINDH ITALIA onlus have dedicated a moment of prayer for the victims of the terrorist attack and for their families.
A message was sent to the World Council of Islamic Communities (World Muslim Communities Council), which is based in Abu Dhabi and brings together more than 600 institutions in 142 countries, "appealing to the international community to take appropriate measures and stop these waves of extremism and hatred in the world ”.

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The president, the executive committee and all the members of the “Federazione Anna Lindh Italia Onlus” express deep condolences for the death of the victims in the plane crash in Ethiopia.
In particular the Italian victims, with whom the Federation has collaborated: Sebastiano Tusa, archaeologist and councilor for Cultural Heritage of the Sicily Region; the three volunteers from Tremila Africa, a non-profit organization from Bergamo: president Carlo Spini, wife Gabriella Vigiani and treasurer Matteo Ravasio; Paolo Dieci, president of the Cisp, the International Committee for the Development of Peoples; Maria Pilar Buzzetti, Virginia Chimenti (United Nations World Food Program official) and Rosemary Mumbi.

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The Fondazione Mediterraneo and the Museum of Peace - MAMT hosted the "Caravan for the South" organized by Eleonora Forenza, European Deputy Gue / Ngl.
On this occasion the many participants (see program) focused on two focuses:

  1. Work, wages, income.
  2. Differentiated federalism and autonomy.

Two dossiers were presented:

  1. Repression and the right to dissent.
  2. For a feminist Europe: gender perspectives on economic policies and international trade.

President Capasso, in his greeting address, underlined the importance of safeguarding the European unity through the redesign of a solidarity  based on the needs of the people but looking at the constitution of the United States of Europe: the only antidote to nationalisms and authoritarian drifts.
Some members of the Anna Lindh Italia Federation took part.

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The appointment in Nairobi opens with a minute of silence, observed before each preparatory meeting, for the victims of the plane crash in Ethiopia in which all 157 people died, including 19 UN employees.
Until Friday 15 March the delegates of 193 UN member states, ministers, representatives of NGOs, associations - including the "Fondazione Mediterraneo" and the "Federazione Anna Lindh Italia Onlus " - and directors of multinational companies discussed the issues environmental, with the aim of multiplying efforts to save the planet from climate change and excessive exploitation of resources.
There was also talk of new technologies and in particular of geo-engineering, such as alternative solutions to excessive production of CO2, reduction of consumption, food waste and de-carbonization of economies and marine pollution from plastics.
President Capasso, in one of the meetings, recalled what Pope Francis said - always attentive to the issue of respect for the common House, to which he dedicated the Encyclical "Laudato sì" - a few days ago, receiving the participants of the Conference at the Vatican on "Religions and sustainable development": on this occasion the Pope indicated the need for an "ecological conversion" of the present world.
"Plastic Free Oceans", out of plastic from our seas: with this motto the WWF has launched an international mobilization to accelerate the ban on single-use plastic products in Europe and Italy.
The "Fondazione Mediterraneo" and the environmental associations of the "Federazione Anna Lindh Italia Onlus " have underlined how the goal for this Assembly in Nairobi is to have a New Deal that sees all environmental issues treated, from climate to biodiversity, to overfishing of resources in a coordinated and constructive manner and no longer fragmented, as has been the case to date.
According to the latest WWF report, around 100 million tons of plastic are dispersed throughout the world every year and around 9 million tons are annually ending up in our oceans.
"This is no longer tolerable - said President Capasso - we are destroying the land" and recalled the demonstrations scheduled for March 15 in the world, adhering to the stimulus of the young Swedish Greta, to face the climate changes that are destroying our future.

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